John Gainer moved to Montgomery County (from Davidson County, TN) around 1799 and left a will there in 1803. He also had a brother named Benjamin that lived there at about the same time.  About 1801 Jesse C. Gainer was born, and lived in Montgomery County until the early 1820s when he moved to Henry county Tennessee.  I have a few land records from John Gainer, as well as Bible records from another Gainer family. 

The land records I have are:

3 April 1799
Deed From Hayden Wells to John Gainer
251.5 acres on Haw Creek
Montgomery County Deed Book B Page 291

25 January 1802
Deed from John Gainer to John Duke
251.5 acres on Haw Creek
Montgomery County Deed Book B, page 483

I also have Bible records from a Gainer family in Montgomery county Tennessee.  They begin with a James C. Gainer that may have been a son of John Gainer.  His mother was Sally Gainer (for whom I have a will from Montgomery County, dated 1819, naming children James C., Sally, William, an Georgeanne Holmes.)  I know that John Gainer's wife was named Sally, but I'm not 100% sure this was the same woman because in John Gainer's will, he lists 4 different children.  James C. Gainer lived in Montgomery County in 1820, where he is listed on the census, but by 1830 he was living in Henry County, TN.  I found these in a book at the Paris, TN public library.  

W. G. Rhea Library, 400 Washington, Paris, Tennessee 38242

Gainer Family Bible

James C. Gainer born Sept. 27, 1790
Sarah Gainer born Jan. 2, 1792

1. Asa M. Gainer born Aug 7, 1812
Married Dec. 22, 1842 Eliza A. Dunlap
2. Eveline Gainer born May 26, 1814
3. Serena Gainer born Jan. 12, 1817
Married Nov. 12, 1835 Joseph Wiley
4. Tennessee Gainer born Mar. 2, 1820
Married July 26, 1838 James Lee
5. Elizabeth C. Gainer born July 29, 1822
6. Mary M. Gainer born Mar. 25, 1824
Married Feb. 4, 1847 James B. Morris
7. Ruth M. Gainer born April 27, 1827
8. James C. Gainer born May 5, 1829
9. Jacob B. Gainer born Aug. 4, 1831
10. daniel C. Gaienr born April 18, 1835

Women in the Gainer family married men with the last names of Rayburn, Whitehead and Holmes.  I have a little bit of information on all of these families as well.  If you'd be interested in seeing them (marriages, land records, etc.) I'd be happy to share them.  Also, if you know of anybody seeking information on the Gainer family, feel free to give them my e-mail address (), as I'd love to help them.

Thank you so much for you time!

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