WILL BOOK C, Page 159

Inventory of the Estate of JAMES ADAMS, deceased

Personal property includes:
8 head horses, 9 head cattle, 59 head hogs, 29 geese, 5 feather beds and furniture, trunk, tables, bedsteads, cupboards, chairs, cotton wheels, flax wheel, cotton cards, loom, slays, harness, looking glass, wagon boxes, dog irons, smoothing iron, pat, ovens, hook-s, kettle, skillet, barshare plows, chain traces, hames, stretchers, leather collar, hip straps, blind bridle, axes, mattox, grubbing hoe, weeding hoe, iron wedge, scythe, broad axe, handsaw, drawing knife, screw augers, foot adze, plains, slate, shovel, dishes, tea cannister, knives and forks, large   family   Bible,   vinegar,  churn,   water pan,    meal sifter, saddles,   lamp,  phials,  vinegar cruetts, carpenters compasses, square, oil stone, curry comb, 2 stacks blades, note on William Holloway,  note on Samuel Chapman, note on Eston Powell, note on Sterling Ingram

            Amelia (X) Adams, Administratrix
            John Taggart, Administrator

Submitted by Cindy Powell

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