Jackson Family Record

Several years ago when I visited Clarksville, Tennessee Public Library
I was shown an old suitcase of papers and photos that had not been filed at
the time...I now refer to them as the " Jackson Family Record by Lena Jackson
McMahan" ;
In these papers Mrs. McMahan gave the following info... 'James Wilson
and his wife, Ester, came to Thomasville, Tennessee, from Warren County,
North Carolina between 1800 and 1808. ...'
'The records in Springfield and Clarksville, Tennessee, show the
disposition of James Wilson's property at the time of his death.  No record
of his will can be found.  Also, at Springfield there is a record showing the
real estate acquired by Esther Jackson upon the death of her father John
Mrs. McMahan listed the following Wilson family....
     James Wilson and Ester's children are,

     Mary Ester ...married Henry Williams

    John....married Elizabeth Shaw (dau of Thomas Shaw and Elizabeth
         Jackson)....had children...Sarah, Nancy, Esther and John Wilson

    Benjamin...married Sara Turner

    Nancy...married Richard Jordan


    Rebecca ...(b 3 Jan 1788) ....married James W. Moody 25 Jan 1804 in
        Warren County, NC.  Had children...Samuel, Elizabeth, Rebecca,Robert,
Both Rebecca and James Moody are buried in Montgomery County at the
family Cemetery on the Old Moody/Cage homesite. My line descends through
their son Dr. Benjamin F. Moody...I have a great deal of info on their

    Submitted by Toni Cain Moody

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