Located in District 18 on Golden Horn Road behind the home of Mr. Morris Jackson.

Proctor, Polly Ann and her child-- the first ones buried here.
Powell, Pokey Feb. 27,1901- Feb. 3, 1919
Powell, Kizzany wife of Lewis Powell
Jackson, Ellie Dec. 8, 1896-Nov. 1, 1902
Jackson, Elya A. V. Aug. 18, 1858-July 1, 1902
Jackson, Belfield
Jackson, infant of Eva & B. F. Jackson b&d 1894
Jackson, Dolly
Jackson, Clayton son
Jackson, Anner Norris
Jackson, James
Jackson, Sarah Owens
Jackson, Perry
Jackson, Martha Kelly
Jackson, Nelson 1897- Sept. 23, 1967
Jackson, Viola Hunt Died 1923
Hunt, Steven
Hunt, Luther son
Hunt, Sarah Lyle
Hunt, Baby
Kelly, Ona May Apr. 13, 1912- Feb. 1, 1916 twin sister of Wallace
Lyle, baby of John Lyle
Lyle, father of Henry Lyle
One baby grave unknown

Graves were identified by Mr. Jackson, son of Belfield Jackson.
Info on this provided by Donald Davidson....

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