Take Highway 149 10 miles. Turn left on Palmyra Road go .7 mile to Sharptop Road. Turn right go 1/2 mile to Jackson Cemetery Road, turn left.


DAVIDSON Neoma Ruth Aug.13,1957 - Aug.13,1957 (footstone: Daughter)

HOLLIS Calvin Nov.16,1903 - Nov.27,1979

HUGES Charles Jess May 9,1877 - Mar.15,1963

HUGES Lonnie Oct.13,1905 - June 23,1943

HUNT Bailey Sept.24,1867 - Jan.12,1948

HUNT SERG HARRY B. 49 TN INF CSA 1831 - 1911


HUNT Mary Evelyn Dec.15,1924 - Oct.5,1934

HUNT Mary L. Mar.6,1869 - Aug.19,1945

HUNT Nora M. Sept.4,1902 - Mar.12,1998 funeral home marker: Nora Maude Hunt

JACKSON Augalee daughter of Joe Jackson July 7,1918 - July 28,1918

                     (footstone: daughter)

JACKSON Buck Sept.3,1858 - April 12,1917 At rest

JACKSON Buford March 14,1889 - July 31,1960

JACKSON Emma May 14,1894 - May 22,1919 At rest (footstone: Mother)

                            funeral home marker: Wiseman Funeral Home

                                    (This woman had another headstone in the back left corner- same information on both headstones.)


JACKSON Nellie P. Apr.4,1907 - Apr.9,1988 funeral home marker: Nellie Ruth Jackson

                                     (name as written)

JACKSON infant daughter of Buford & Emma Jackson (footstone: Daughter)

                  Borned Dec.1914 Died Dec.1914 Pray the Lord my soul to keep

JACKSON infant son of Buford & Nellie Jackson Aug.1934 - Aug.1934

JACKSON infant son of Buford & Nellie Jackson Aug.1923 - Aug.1923

JACKSON baby Charles L May 26,1943 (footstone: C.L.J.)

JACKSON Charles S. 1864 - 1953

                   Jennie 1866 - 1940

JACKSON Hadley R. Sept.1,1895 - Oct.5,1926

                   Ethel H. June 11,1895 - Sept.7,1987

JACKSON John Died May the 24, 1891

JACKSON John Frank Nov.8,1897 - Nov.9,1997

                             funeral home marker: Mr. John Frank Jackson Nov.8,1897 - Nov.9,1997 age 100

JACKSON Luther N. Nov.1,1888 - Jan.16,1964

                      (footstone: LUTHER N. JACKSON TENNESSEE CPL CO. K 324 INFANTRY

                      WORLD WAR I NOV.1,1888 - JAN.16,1964

JACKSON Ross M. Jan.18,1874 - Sept.8,1917 (footstone: R.M.J.)

KENTNER Donald M. June 14,1953 - Dec.25,1953

KENTNER Helen Geneva Aug.10,1938 - Sept.24,1935

KENTNER John Elison Apr.10,1877 - May 19,1943

                    Alice Rankhorn Feb.2,1893 - Jan.7,1985

                          married : Aug.24,1913

KENTNER Johnnie T. Mar.20,1914 -

                   Lettie Reaves Sept.27,1912 -

POWELL Burney Ray infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Powell

                  Born Feb.29,1919 Died June 6,1919

                       Gone but not forgotten

POWELL Chas. W. 1881 - 1969 (footstone: P.)

                  Lena J. 1881 - 1949 (footstone: P.)

POWELL infant daughter of C.W. & L. Powell B&D Sept.1,1811 At rest

                                   (Date as written)

POWELL Ella M. Feb.13,1906 - Dec.10,1918 At rest

POWERS Thompson Nov.9,1883 - Dec.21,1941 (footstone: Father)

                 Tiny J. Aug.25,1890 - July 23,1941 (footstone: Mother)

* See foot note- REAVES Alfred Jan.12,1877 - Aug.6,1933

REAVES Hubert R. Sept.6,1916 - May 11,1939

REAVES James P. Jan.22,1844 - May 24,1940 At rest

REAVES Martha Bullard May 5,1849 - Feb.24,1910 At rest

REAVES Owen E. Aug.31,1910 - Dec.12, 1994 masonic emblem

REAVES Winnie J. April 10,1888 - Nov.27,1961

ROZE Buck (Birth and death dates illegible) ( Name spelled as written) (footstone:)

ROSE E.A. (footstone:)

ROSE France was borned Sept.1856 Died Sept.1878

ROSE Gilbert W. U.S. NAVY WORLD WAR II FEB.2,1920 - FEB.10,1992

                 funeral home marker: Mr. Gilbert Rose Feb.2,1920 - Feb.10,1992 72 years

RSE J.H.? (Homemade marker, hard to read. He was with the Rose family.)

ROSE Mable, Mrs. 1903 - 1961

ROSE Salla wife of Ed Rose (all the s’s are backwards)

SYKES George A. Mar.1,1869 - Dec.9,1918 (footstone:) At rest

              Tennie Hunt Mar.26,1872 - Nov.25,1937

                  Several graves unmarked or marked by fieldstones


Transcribed By: Kathy Reynolds & Patty Davis

                        wolfgrin@webtv.net & silverbolt_21@hotmail.com

                        March 20,2000 Jackson Cemetery Montgomery County, Tennessee

*Footnote:  The following information on the Reeves burials was submitted Sue Crawford

Please Alfred (Alf) Reeves b: 12 JAN 1877 d: 06 AUG 1933
Winnie M. Jackson Reeves b: 10 APR 1889 d: 27 NOV 1961

James Pleas Reeves b: 22 JAN 1844 dL 23 MAY 1940
Martha Susanna Bullard Reeves b:5 MAY 1849 d: 24 FEB 1910

Evelyn J. Reeves b: OCT 1892, grave unmarked next to her Father
James Pleas Reeves.


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