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Bible published by Hogan and Thompson, No 30 North 4th St. Philadelphia, 1839

Fanys child Lavinia  August 17, 1848 in __________
Fanys child Nancy was borned Nov. 26th, 1849 at 7 1/2 oclock
    Burge this Nov. 26/48
Fanys child John Wesley was borned May ________(page is worn off)
    Hurricane Creek
Fayns Child Daniel Burwell borned Nov. 16, 1854
Charity's child William Coleman was borned Feby. 27th 1857
    (Duck River in Humphreys County, Tenn.)
Leathy's child Nawell was borned March the 7th 1859, 2 o'clock in the evening
Fannys child Allice Gray was borned Jan. 5, 1860
Leathy's Thomas Cover borned Jan. 2nd 1861 -- Duck River
Fany child Mary Jane was borned (page worn off)  died July 1861
    Duck River

Children of C. C. Cocke and Julia A. Yarbrough
Indianah Albertine Cocke borned Jan. 22, 1857 died Oct. 1, 1857 (by H. Yarbrough)
John Henry Cocke was borned Oct. 17th 1857 (H. Yarbrough)
Christopher Julian Cocke was borned 22nd of Feb. 1863
Sue Ann Cocke was born the 18 Nov. 1865
Claud Corlew Cocke was boen Sept. 6, 1876
Myrta E. Crockett was born Oct. 20, 1885
Bishop McTyeire Yarbrough was born Feb. 11, 1885, died Feb. 7, 1886
Mattie Powers Yarbgrough b. Aug. 25th, 1890

Children of John C. and Louisa E. McCauley
William Henry McCauley was born July the 1st 1868
Maud Muller McCauley was born March the 11th 1871
Addie Buna Gregory was born Sept. 16, 1883 died Sept. 24, 1883

Children of W. T. and W. A. Jackson
Leona Ann Jackson was born July the 26th 1871
Euguenia Elizabeth Jackson was born Dec. 29, 1875
Horace Leonidas Jackson was born May 16, 1878


Died on the 5th Oct. 1844 Polly Suter in the 80th year of her age.
Died on Nov. 9, 1846, in his 70th year of his age George Yarbrough and Rody his wife Feby. 4th, 1854
Died on the 8th of Nov. 1848, Dr. John Stute  (this may be Suter)
Died on the 12th of Nov. 1848 Jenima Bumpas, aged 82 years
Died on 22 Feby 1850 Thomas Lyle Esq.  (I don' know who he was)
Died on the 16th Sep. 1852 Julianna Lyle
Rody Yarbrough, wife of George Yarbrough, died Feb. 4th, 1854
Elisabeth Yarbrough, wife of Samuel Yarbrough, died in Humphreys County, Tenn., April 26th, 1859 ( of     consumption)
Died ________Yarbrough, infant daughter of Samuel and Elisabeth Yarbrough, July 15 th, 1859 (N. C.     Troupe)
Charity, negro woman, died May 17/61 aged about 25 yrs. old.
Leathy, negro woman, died April 12, 1862
Daniel Holms Yarbrough died on the 19th of Sept. 1847 at 11 o'clock in the evening, aged 5 yrs., 9 mos., 11     dys.
Henry Yarbrough died Dec. 24, 1862
Martha Bumpas died June the 7th 1866
Harriett W. Yarbrough died April the 10th 1868
Addie L. Gregory died Sept. 22nd 1883
Emily Yarbrough died Dec. 30th 1889

H. Yarbrough and wife Emily Bumpas was married Nov. 12, 1835
Henry Yarbrough was born Feb. 9th 1814
Emily Bumpas his wife was borned Mar4ch the 25th 1818.
C. C. Cocke and Julia Ann Yarbrough married Dec. 11, 1855 by R. L. Fagan, Montgomery County, Tenn.      (Rev. Robert L. Fagan)
Josiah Sterling Yarbrough and Harriett L. Powers married Oct. 10. 1858, on Duck River, Humphreys     County, Tenn.
M. C. Carnell and Addie Yarbrough were married Jan. the 27th, 1863, Humphreys County, Tenn.
John C. McCauley and Loulie E. Yarbrough married June 16th, 1867, Big Bottom, Tenn.
J. S. Yarbrough and M. Powers married March 20th, 1869
W. T. Jackson and L. A. Yarbrough married Aug. 2, 1871 by W. Hust.
G. H. Yarbrough and Lena Harris were married Oct. 10, 1875, by ________
J. Fendall Gregory and Addie W. Yarbrough were married Nov. 8, 1889  (This should be 1882 as is clearly     read in the J. S. Yar brough Bible.)
F. S. Crockett and F. W. Yarbrough were married Sept. 1, 1878
Henry Waddey and E. Hattie Yarbrough were married Dec. 18, 1889 by S. W. Branaford, Johnsonville,         Tenn.

Josiah Starling Yarbrough was borned Sept. 25, 1837, half past 12 o'clock in morning
Julia Ann Yarbrough was borned July 24, 1839, 1 o'clock in the evening
Daniel Holmes Yarbrough was borned Dec. 8, 1841, 1 o'clock in the morning
Adaline Yarbrough was borned Nov. 29, 1844, 1 o'clock in morning
Louisa Yarbrough was borned June 30, 1850 at 1:30 in the morning
Lenorah Albertine Yarbreough was borned April 4th 1855 half past one in the morning
Mary Albertine Yarbrough was borned Dec. 23, 1882.  J. S. Yarbrough and M. Yarbroug daughter (Name     changed to Lora Alma)
Josiah S. and Harriett L. Yarbrough
Sterling Alpheus Yarbrough was borned Aug. 17th, 1861  (H. Yarbrough)  died Aug 29/61 age 12 days
Florence Wilmoth Yarbrough was borned Sept. 8, 1862
Louisa Adaline Yarbrough was born Jan. 25th, 1865
Emma E. Yarbrough was born March the 7th 1870
Charles Henry Yarbrough was born Nov. the 5th, 1872  (MY FATHER)
Frederic Lee Yarbrough was born April 27, 1876
Eddie Yarbrough was born Nov.  2, 1881, died Nov. 9, 1881
J. W. Yarbrough and Milley Yarbrough
    Daughter May was born ____ the day 1851

This information was sent to Virginia Alexander, Sept. 1963 by Mrs. Cecil D. Jones, Nashville, Tennessee.  She also has records from Josiah Sterling Yarbrough Bible and C. M. Powers Bible.  C. M Powers was father of Harriett and Martha Powers who were the two wives of J. S. Yarbrough.  They lived in Montgomery County, near Palmyra.

Submitted by Virginia Alexander,

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