Will of
Hampton Powell

Some papers associated with the death of Hampton Powell 1852-1854 (son Wiley Powell) in Montgomery County, TN.

1.  Hampton Powell - Will papers 1854 - Montgomery County, TN Roll 96, p. 218:

Hampton Powell Adm. Settlement
Wilie Powell Administrator of Hamptom Powell.  
 In apt. Dr.
To amount of account of sale 461.04
"   "   Collected on Eliza Rose
note in Inventory  11.55 $472.59
By WM Finleys Medical appt Voucher No1 11.00
"  McCorn & Barleys coffin apt 43.00
"  M Lyles Recept for Taxes 1851 & 2   8.25
"  Colyhaws ferriage? apt   1.00
"  McClue & Roberts app for shroud   7.02
" Clerks fee for Bond Letters   2.75
" Inventory & apt of sales   2.00
"   this settlement   2.50
" amount allowed Administrator 20.00    97.52
           Balance due Estate $375.07

One note on Barnett and Nathaniel Powell for one hundred and thriteen Dollars and 21 cents executed 1st of January 1854 payable one day after date with a credit of $47.50 Oct 165h 1844 which note the Administrator had been settled or paid and it was thought unnecessary to do anything with it. Settled by me this 20th day of Dec 1853.
Rendered Jan 1, Term 1854

2.  Hampton Powell - Will papers - no will but court paper of Administration by Wilie Powell 1852.

Know all men by these presents that we Wilie Powell, Moses Steele, and E.I. Channell all of the State of Tennepie and county of Montgomery are held and firmly bind unto the State of Tennessee in the sum of one thousand dollars which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs Executor and Administrators.  Justly and evenly firmly by these presents.  Seated with our seals and dated this day of January 1852.  

The condition of the above obligation is with that of the above burden?.  Wilie Powell administrator of all and singular the good and chattels rights and credits of Hampton Powell deceased do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods and Chattels, rights, and credits of the deceased which have or shall come into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited unto our evening County Court and the same goods chattels rights and credit and all other good, chattels, rights and credits of the deceased at the time of his Death which at any time hereafter may come unto the hands of any person or persons for him do well and timely administer according to law and further do make or cuase3 to be made a true and just account of the administration within two years after the date of these presents and all remaining one said administration account the same being first examine and allowed agreeably to Law shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively as the same shall be due pursuant to the true intent and meaning of this administration and if it shall appear that any will or Testament was made the the deceased and Executor or Executors thereto named do exhibit the same unto court making it allowed and approved of accordingly if the said Wilie Powell there unto be requested do render and deliver said Letters of Administration approbation of such Testament being first had and made in our said court.  Then this obligation to be void else to sincere? in Full price and Law.  Wilie Powell (seal).

3.  State of Tennepie
Montgomery County To Wilie Powell a citizen of said county.  It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court now in session that Hampton Powell has died leaving no will and  the court being satisfied as to your claim to the administration and you having given Bond and qualified as directed by Law and the court having ordered that letters of administration be given? to you.
These are therefore to authorized and empower you to take unto your possession and control all the good chattels, claims and papers of the said intestate and nature a true and perfect Inventory thereof to our next county court to collect and pay all debts and to do and transact all the duties in relation to said Estate which lawfully devolve on you as Administrator and after having settled up said Estate to deliver the Residue thereof to those who are by Law entitled.  Witness William Rogers Clerk of said court at office this the 5th day of January 1852.

Submitted by Cindy Powell