Sunnyview School
Ailene Martin

        Sunnyview School was located on the old Palmyra Road now known as the Dotsonville Road. It was opened when Shady Grove School located miles northwest of the Sunnyview site was closed. The best information attainable gave the date as 1907. It was a one-room school and so remained until about 1930 when a new two-room school was built across the road from the old school.
         The Occasion of its occupation was a time of great rejoicing in the community. It was celebrated with a barbecue picnic and the State Superintendent of Education, P.L.Harned made the dedication speech. Montgomery County Superintendent A.W. Jobe also made a talk.
          Besides being a two-teacher school, the school now had a well on the grounds. No longer did the big boys have to lug buckets of water from a spring about 1/3 mile away to quench the thirst of the students, when for some reason the cistern was not able to supply the water.
          This was a happy school with traditional 8-4 hours, a morning recess, a whole hour at noon, a shorter break in the afternoon and the usual play activities of the time enjoyed. In addition the school was located adjacent to a woodland area. At times the teacher would take the children into this area to seek wild flowers and experience the joy of a grapevine swing.
          The following teachers served at the school somewhat in the following succession as well as I am able to ascertain: Lennie Young, Oma Dunbar, Elma Harned, Edna Outlaw from Gallatin, Josephine Allensworth, Lucille Smith, Mary Bourne, Alice Faubian, Maryetta Haynes, Kate McDaniel, Ruby Walker, Ailene Martin, Dora Broadbent, Mary Burney, Josephine Pollard, Louise Owen, Ailene Martin again (3 years), Sue Shelton, Mrs. Lundun and no doubt others.
          During the second third of 1940-1950 decade consolidation began to take place under Superintendent N.L.Carney, and Sunnyview was a casualty, but the building was moved on the grounds of the newly established Woodlawn High School where it served as an elementary school. The children of this area attended. Sadie pollard was the teacher of Grades 1-6.
          When it went out of existence as a school is not known to me, but the building was again moved to another location in the Woodlawn area. It now stands with some additions proudly defying time and change serving some purpose not known to the writer.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey and Mr. Sam Winters.

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