Meadow Grove Elementary School
By John Power

        Meadow Grove School was a one-room school located on the Lafayette Pike.  In 1911 Mr. Ernest Nichols gave the land for a school building as long as a school was there, but if not used for a school, the land was to revert to him or his heirs. This   was the usual way an interested patron arranged for a school in his neighborhood. A one-room frame building was erected with two out door toilets.
       The first teacher elected in 1911 was Miss Josephine Allensworth, who lived in the neighborhood. All seven grades were taught. The Montgomery County School system had seven elementary grades and four high school grades.  Miss Myrtle Nichols was the next teacher.  After three years she was followed by Miss Russ and then Miss Alma Harvey.   Miss John Power was elected for the year 1917-1918.  She had a full classroom with seven grades.  The weather was so cold and snow so deep, staying on the ground from early December until March.  Miss Power walked a mile from her boarding place to the school each day and carried a load of kindling to start the fire.  There was no coalhouse, so they heated a poker red hot to pry lumps of coal for the fire. The school opened every day during that weather on time.  Nichols took her place.  Another teacher, Mrs. Lee, resigned and moved to Kentucky. Miss Nannie Rosson taught the next year.  Other teachers are not known until 1926, when Miss Estelle Walker was elected to the position. By then attendance was so low that after only three weeks of the term, the schools was closed and consolidated with Ringgold School. Miss Walker was sent to Ringgold, also.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey and Mr. Winters.

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