Liberty School
By Sadie Pollard

   Liberty School was first known as Shady Grove School District 8.  It was located on the Cole Current property.  At that time each district had a District Director who in turn supervised the management of the school.  The children could not attend any school except the ones in the district in which they lived.  Mr. W.W. Riggins was the Director of District 8.
   As far as facts could be obtained it began in the year 1902.  The following teachers taught at this one-teacher school.

Jennie Ogburn Jennie Allensworth
Mollie Winn Marie Irvin
Henry Faubion Sr. Lela Wofford
Fannie Smith Hattie Minor
Ophelia Bogard Hallie Smith

  In the year1917 Shady Grove School was moved about a mile by means of logs and mules.  It was moved to Greenhill land adjacent to Liberty Cumberland Church, and its name was changed to Liberty School.  The first teacher to teach there was Lucy Bell Oneal.
   In the year 1918 another room was added.  In later years a kitchen was added and the pupils were served lunches.
   The following teachers served here until the school was consolidated:

May Hill Mable Elliott
Kate Chester Excell Loggins (Riggins)
Thelma Hill (Wootton) Mary Howard
Sarah Allen (Dunbar) Hattie May Talley
Mr. Oliver Elizabeth Broadbent (Smith)
Mary F. Betz Sarah Waters
Bernice Seay Ruth Jones
Sadie Harvey Annie Smith
Mary Owen Mrs. Robert Clark
Perhaps there were others that I didn't get the record of.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey and Mr. Winters.

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