NAME OF SCHOOL Jordan Springs, Oak Grove, Oakwood
LOCATION Montgomery County

CONNECTION TO THE SCHOOL__________________________
TEACHER  Sallie F. Clardy _____________
DATES 1900 1933 __________

COMMENTS_____________ ______________

In 1900 the school board members and the people of the Jordan Springs Community decided that the children of this area were being neglected and thus Miss Sara Margaret Friel was assigned as a new teacher at Jordan Springs.

In September 1900 Miss Friel boarded the train in Columbia, her home, for her new assignment. Her Principal was Mr. Bunk Tyler, a fixture in the community because he had taught all grades for many, many years until the new teacher arrived, then he taught the primary grades.

"Miss Sallie" as she was fondly known taught her first term as an all purpose teacher- teaching what ever the student was ready for in upper grades and High School.

Sallie F. Clardy as she was professionally known as she married Warner W. Clardy, thus the change of name. They had two daughters, Elizabeth and Katherine. Miss Sallie taught at various locations in Montgomery County after the old
Jordan Springs school burned.

A new school was built near by but was located in the Fort Campbell area and in 1942 the school teacherage and out buildings were moved to Woodlawn.

Sallie F. Clardy taught all subjects for first and second year High School and was a great believer in the Rural Two Year High School because she felt so many students could not attend Clarksville High School.

She never ceased to be a friend of education.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey

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