Hickory Grove and Woodlawn
by Ora Powers Dinwiddie


          Hickory Grove was a one-room school, so named because it was nestled among a grove of hickory trees. Hickory Grove was located in North Western Montgomery County in District # 4.
         It was a frame structure with 4 tall windows on each side and only one door.  We used the old, old style of desk, a pot-bellied stove with a metal jacket around it.  The drinking water was from a cistern back of the school.  A man-made fountain fit against the wall and was filled by teacher or pupils "packing " the water from the cistern.  Each individual glass was a problem to keep clean.
         Our supplies consist of one coal skuttle, a broom, an eraser (maybe two) and a box of chalk.    We didn't have access to libraries and resource material other than what belonged to the teacher.    I'm sure more was learned than we realized, as there were not too many other attractions.  Where there's love for each other, something is gained.

          I taught at Woodlawn 28 years.  The first few were in a building that were moved there due to consolidation.   We had few necessities then but times began to improve.  We moved in a new building with many more of the essentials needed.  It was a pleasure during the 28 years to see so much progress in buildings, essentials and pupils.  Cooperation among the teachers was also to be commended.

by Ora Powers Dinwiddie
Hickory Grove 7 years  1931 - 1938
Woodlawn 28 years  1944 - 1973


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