Hazlewood School
April 10, 1984

        Porter Wade (b.1885) now living gave the following concerning Hazelwood School where his mother (b 1860) attended when she was age 14&15.
        John Ferguson gave 2 acres of land for a church and school near Peachers Mill.  Children first attended school in the church.  The school was built on the east side of the property.  The children of Charles and Wade all attended this school built ca. 875.  Porter Wade who is now well along in his 99th year remembers well the teachers and students when his brothers, Arch, Mort, Clarence and Luther all attended before 1900.  Others were the Wimpeys, the Masons, and Harris children.  Liona ("Jaybird" Wimprey's daughter) is still living.  William and Robert Mason, Rollow and William Harris were some of the boys.  Ina Harris Powell's daughter-in-law Mildred Powell, now works as a Nurse at the Memorial Hospital in Clarksville.
        The school was consolidated when the buses began in Montgomery County during or after World War I.  Porter Wade had the following teachers at Hazelwood School:

1. Jim Rollow (brother of Arch Rollow, the Undertaker)
2. Louis Whitfield (who was old -ca. age 60).  Porter thinks this teacher should have whipped the 2 boys who were in a fight on the way home.  The Harris boy's mother came the next morning to tell the teacher that she would do the whipping of her boys.
3. Edgar Harris, who came from the Southside Community.  He boarded at the home of Porter's parents.
      None of the Wade boys ever got into trouble at school.  Edgar Harris would walk to his home in Southside on weekends.  The wife of Luther Wade taught at Hazelwood School.
                                                                            Signed: James L. Major
Submitted by Sandra Stacey and Mr. Winters.

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