Hall School & Rosenwald
Port Royal, Tennessee
Mrs. Clara B Carney

  The opening of this school was somewhere in the 1920's or later.  I was unable to get the correct date.  The first school was in a one-room building.  Later on it was moved to a two-story building owned and operated by a colored branch of Odd Fellows Lodge from which being a hall from which it got the name hall.  The lower floor was used for the classroom.
   A large number of children attended the school as schools were few, overcrowded and poorly heated and poor light and as I heard it went on for a long time.  In the meantime the community was growing, and the parents were trying to make the situation as best they could.
  The news came around that a man in Chicago, Illinois was giving money to counties to build better schools throughout the county. So they called a meeting with the County Supervisor, which was Mrs. Susie Brown and began to make plans to raise money to match the amount he was giving to build three schools.  So Mrs. Brown passed the word to Superintendent A.W. Jobe, and the Board.   The Board consented to co-operate in every way to have the school put up.  Of course one school he gave money was called Rosenwald.
   Rosenwald was a frame building well built with two large classrooms and two cloak rooms and a small hall between these rooms.  It was heated by stove and wood and later on a coal stove was used.  The acre of land on which the school was built was given by one of the colored landowners.  Namely Mr. Sim Polk whose children and grandchildren attended this school.  He lived to see some of his grandchildren finish.
   Several teachers taught there eight years before I came.  I taught there eight years before leaving as principal.  Below are some of the teachers that taught with me.  Only three of these are still living.

Miss Lucille Williams Miss Henry Ann Hackney
Miss Annie Mae Redmond Miss Lecie Mae West
Miss Lend Haynes Miss Charlotte Fort
Mrs. Rubye Harris

  Many finished the 7th grade while I was there.  Some went on to high school and even to college.  At that time children had a hard time getting to school, and the teacher was there in all kinds of weather whether there was a child or not and pay was very poor.  However we were always on the job during our duty and carrying out all orders.

This is the part of the history of this school I know about.

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