Greenwood Elementary School

         In 1939, Howell Grammar School for grades 1-8 became so crowded that a contract was let for an elementary school building on Greenwood Avenue. The Holmes Fuqua property had been purchased for this purpose. During the fall term teachers from Howell School were selected to go to the new school, and the children who resided in that area were placed in the classrooms of those teachers so that with the greatest expediency they could he transferred. "On Saturday before the first of March 194O vans drew up at Howell School and moved ten teachers, one principal, and equipment for ten school rooms to Greenwood Avenue. The following Monday morning four hundred children entered the beautiful new Greenwood School as if they had always belonged there". (Quote from Mrs. Ridgway.)
    The Greenwood Building consisted of twelve classrooms, a library, cafeteria, two playrooms, teachers' rest rooms, toilets on each floor and an auditorium. The two-story building housed the first three grades. Mrs. Caroline Ridgway was the principal. The teachers included: Mrs. Florence Stevenson, Miss Verda Williams, Mrs. Martha Edmondson, Mrs. Ione Williams, Miss Katherine Smith, Mrs. Marjorie Durrett, Miss Elizabeth Damon, Miss Frances Bardwell, Miss Ruth VanCleve and Mrs.Juanita Gootee.
    In 1952 the fourth, fifth and sixth grades were added to the primary school to complete the elementary grades 1-6. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip, co-presidents of the Parent Teacher Association, reported an active organization with good community participation in all of the school activities.  To meet increased enrollment, the school had to have more rooms added and the faculty increased. More land was purchased for building additions and playground space.
    In 1952,Greenwood was converted into a junior high school. The students were zoned to one of the other three schools for elementary children. Norman Smith and Moore schools were opened that year and Howell was remodeled. Mrs. Ridgway retired in 1952, after twelve years as principal of the school. The teachers were transferred to the other schools.
    In 1994 Greenwood became a complex that included The Teachers Center, Book Processing, The Technology Center, Alternative School, and the Greater Clarksville Community High School.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey and Mr. Winters.

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