This is the unedited research and genealogical collection of Geneva Suggs Swain donated by Carroll Ray Ellis. The original sources of this work are available in the Montgomery County Archives.

Items from the collection are listed below. Click on the underlined word to access a picture of the document.


Obituary of Bee Lawnsy Ham 11-2-1972 Obituary of Bessie Gafford Tanner 8-6-1984 Obituary of Carrie D. Ham 9-19-1977
Obituary of Carrie Bell Stovall 1-6-1978
Obituary of Carl Bruce 3-1-1981
Obituary of Dolph Ham 11-4-1983
Obituary of Edna L. Jams 2-11-1986 Obituary of Erin Leanor Ham 3-6-1980 Obituary of Frank D. Hamm 7-4-1983
Obituary of Frank Ham 3-24-1974 Obituary of George J. Hamm 12-8-1978 Obituary of Hattye E. H. Brigham 8-8-1983
Obituary of Inez H. Springer Obituary of James C. Lewis 1-25-1972 Obituary of James M. Ham 3-8-1974
Obituary of John D. Hams 7-28-1970 Obituary of Julius M. Hams 7-22-1982 Obituary of Lola Mae H. Hams 10-13-1974
Obituary of Louise H. Ham 8-12-1972 Obituary of Mary Vesta Ham 4-25-1981 Obituary of Maude Adelle H. Meadows 4-28-1975
Obituary of Evelyn L. Ham Harris 12-14-1974 Obituary of Mrs. Jessie Ham 1-1-1970
Obituary of Mrs. Laurence H. Taylor 9-7-1977
Obituary of Myrtle A. Ham 10-28-1980 Obituary of Robert N. Hams 2-5-1971 Obituary of Thurman Hamms 3-23-1980
Obituary of William Maurice Ham 12-19-1972


Estate Notice of Lola Mae Harris Family Record Births
Family Record Births Family Record Marriages
Family Reocrd Deaths Family Group Sheet Fannie Elliott
Family Group Sheet John Hartwell Hams Family Group Sheet William Ervin Hams
Remembrance of Fannie Hams  6-26-1919 Marriage Bond William and Fannie Hams 2-28-1883
Marriage License of William and Fannie Hams 2-28-1883 Marriage Certificate of William and Fannie Hams  3-1-1883
Picture of Unknown Ham Family Members Picture of Unknown Ham Family Members

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