Montgomery County Cemetery Transcriptions


Located off Port Royal-Gutherie Road on right of Hwy just before Grants Chapel Road. It is in a field on private property. It is surrounded by a stone fence in a stand of trees but is nearly hidden in an overgrowth of bushes, vines and weeds. From a distance it just appears to be a clump of trees and bushes at the top of a small hill. I had read that it was about an acre in size but do not believe it was more than half that size. Many of the tombstones were broken and unreadable. Some appeared to have been moved.  It is sad that this old cemetery which contains the remains of at least one Revolutionary War soldier is so bady neglected.  This is not a complete list of all the graves but all that we were able to transcribe at the time we were there.
Transcribed by Toni Cain Moody and Jim Moody.


Alley, Mattie N. (Gunn)   "Wife of J. R. Alley"    Died 15 April 1905--32 Years 2 Months 4 Days
Alley, Robert S.  "Son of J. R. & Mattie Alley"  Born 26 November 1889--Died 4 December 1889...1 Month


Frazier, Alex.  "Rev. Soldier...Erected by Mary Grant"  23 August 1841...age 84


Grant, ????  "Son of J & Harriet A. Grant"  Born 8 April 1853--Died 13 August 1861---8 Years 4 Months
Grant, Barbara  "Wife of D. C. Grant"  Born 25 December 1855--Died 20 December 1909...64 Years
Grant, Beaulah M.   "Daughter of J. Z. & Fannie Grant"  Born 23 May ????--Died 28 June 1913...21 years
Grant, Blanche  "Daughter of Davie & T.   J. T. Grant"  Born 21 November 1865--Died 2 September 1875
            9 Years 11 Months
Grant, Boyd H.  "Son of Davie & T. J. T. Grant"   Born 7 September 18863--Died 13 March 1873--
            9 Years 6 Months
Grant, C. A.   Born 1 May 1886--Died 6 October 1959...73 Years
Grant, Charles Aquilla  "Son of A. & L. Grant"  Born 20 January 1863--No Burial date
Grant, Davie Council  "IOOF"  Born 25 October 1850 --Died 24 August 1913
Grant, Harriet A.  "Wife of Joseph Grant, Daughter of Mary & Joseph Atkins"  Born 10 September 1822
           Died 12 October 1858--36 Years
 (also two infant children)---
  Alex Green Grant
  Joseph Grant
Grant, Harriet E.  "Daughter of Joe & Mollie Grant"  Born 22 October 1860--Died 19 November 1909..49 Years
Grant, Infant Daughter  "Daughter of Davie  &  TJT Grant"  Born 5 August 1853...1 day
Grant, Infant Daughter   "Daughter of Davie & TJT Grant"  26 December 1854---1 day
Grant, J. B.   Born 1882--Died 1950...78 Years
Grant, John H.  "Son of Davie and TJT Grant"  Born 16 April 1847...1 year & month
Grant, Joseph  (Mason Symbol)  Died 19  March 1892...75 Years 11 Months 15 Days
Grant, J. Z.  "Father"  Born 26  October 1843--Died 13 February 1918..7  5 Years
Grant, Maria L.  "Wife of Aquilla Grant...Daughter of C.M. & E. Cherry"  Born 23 September 1824--
            Died 1 February 1866---42 Years
Grant, Mary  "Wife of Zachariah Grant, Daughter of Joseph & Nancy Wheless"  Born 4 November 1789---
            Died 30 June 1856--57  Years
Grant, Mary  "Daughter of Davie & T. J. T. Grant"  Born 26 December 1858--Died 25 July 1863--
            4 Years 5 Months
Grant, Mary E    "Daughter of Davie & TJT Grant"   29 September 1847....2 years 10 months
Grant, Mary Fannie Crough   "Mother"   "Wife of J.Z. Grant"  Born 25 June 1849--Died 23 December 1914
Grant, Telithia T. J.  "Wife of Davie Grant...Daughter of J. S. & M. Hutchinson" Born 16 July 1824--
            Died 5 June 1867---43 Years
Grant, Willemine  "Daughter of Davie & T. J. T Grant"  Born 31 May 1856---Died 19 September 1859---
            3 Years 4 Months
Grant, William D.    "Son of Davie & TJT Grant"    Born 19 June 1851---Died 22 October 1853--2 Years 5 Months
Grant, Zachariah  Born 18 October 1786 in South Carolina  Died 13  September 1864 in Montgomery
            County Tennessee   78 Years
Gunn, A. L.  Born 4 July 1852--Died 28 December 1924..62 Years
Gunn, Cora S. (Minor)  "Wife of W. H. Gunn"  Born 2 May 1861860--Died 27 May 1908..48 Years
Gunn, D. T.   Born 9 July 1835--Died 30 June 1904...69 Years
Gunn, Emmitt R.  "Son of A. L. & A. F. Gunn"  Born 9 August 1877--Died 8  November 1878...1 Year 3 Months
Gunn, Francious  "Wife of D. T. Gunn"  Born 11 August 1835--Died 29 September 1877...42 Years
Gunn, George H.  "Son of A. L. & A. F. Gunn"  Born 8 November 1871--Died 15 December 1871--5 Weeks
Gunn, L. W. (Webb)  "Son of Griffin & Sarah Winn Gunn" Born 1866--Died 1933...67  Years
Gunn,  Martha  "Wife of Henry Gunn"  Born 2 October 1814--Died 9 November 1852
Gunn, Mary E.   "Wife of D. T. Gunn"  Died 15 May 1895---54 Years 5 Months ? Days
Gunn, T. M.  Born 2 April 1866--Died 26 December 1909...69 Years
Gunn, W. H.  Born 14 October 1859--Died 13 January 1943...84 Years


Halliburton, John...  "Son of George & Mary Halliburton"  Born  19 July 1845....age 7 days
Hardy, Atlas  "Erected by S. J. Hardy"  Born 15 June 1828--Died 13 October 1853--age 25 Yr
Hardy, Freeman  Born 7 December 1851--Died 19 August 1860--8 Years 8 Months
Herring, Albert  Born 22 may 1811--Died 2 July 1878...67  Years
Herring, Ann Eliza  "Daughter of Albert & Nancy Herring"  Born 10 August 1835--Died 6 August 1858--23 Years
Herring, Davie G.  Born 13 March 1842--Died 20  October 1876...34 years
Herring, Nancy Grant  "Wife of Albert Herring..Daughter of A. & M. Grant"  Born 12 September 1811--
            Died 2 April 1874--63 Years
Herring, Aquilla C  "Son of Albert & Nancy Herring"   Born 29 September 1844...age 7 days
Herring, Joseph L.  "Son of Albert & Nancy Herring"  Born 4 January 1855--Died 19 April 1857---
            2 Years 3  Months


 Mc????, Dora Grant  "Daughter of J. Z. & Fannie Grant"  Born 10 March 1886--Died 18 December 1907...
            21 Years

Northington, Elizabeth Grant  "Wife of S. H. Northington"   Born 3 May 1822 --Died 1 May 1840 -- age 18


Pfister, Mary Grant  Born 1878--Died 1936...58 Years


Rosson, A. Foster  Died 21 April 1908...64 Years
Rosson, Edward F.  "Son of J. S. & C. R. Rosson"  Died 26  November 1889...29 Years 1 Day
Rosson, M. E.  "Wife of A. F. Rosson"  Born 10 October 18447--Died 2 October 1890..43 Years
Rosson, Melvin Edward  "Son of M. G. & Eva Rosson"  Born 1 January 1915--Died 26 October 1918...
            3 Years 10 Months

Submitted by Toni Cain Moody and Jim Moody.