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Located South of Clarksville, off Steele Springs Road in Cumberland Heights, in the woods, District 13.


<>Vance, Elizabeth H., wife of Robert Vance, Daughter of J.& M. Steele   - April 1790 – June 20, 1858.       

Vance, Robert born 1788 – died Sept. 20, 1829

<>Gholson, Ruth R. daughter of M.G.& M.L. Gholson,  Sept. 9, 1851 –  Oct. 31, 1852. <>

Gholson, Henry B. son of M.G. & M.L. Gholson, Feb. 1, 1843 –  Aug. 20, 1855.

<>Gholson, Parthenia E. daughter of M.G. & M.L. Gholson July 27, 1835 – July 30, 1857.

Gholson, Maria Louisa wife of M.G. Gholson, June 1, 1816 – Aug. 30 1857.

Heggie, Lucy wife of L.A. Heggie, May 13, 1850 – March 26, 1880.

Johnson, Selina wife of Allen Johnson died May 19, 1837.

Rogers, Sally Ann daughter of Alex & M. Rogers, Nov. 20, 1822 – Sept.  1826

<>Rogers, Martha J. wife of Alex M. Rogers, daughter of John & Sally Ann Steele- Born in Campbell Co. VA 
        May 15,1794 – Nov. 5, 1826.

Marable, Ernest H.  son of J.H. & L.C. Marable, March 4, 1877 – Nov. 2, 1878.

Neblett, Gholson  June 30 – 1878 – August 18, 1878.

Neblett, Ruth C.  Oct. 31, 1874 – Oct. 15, 1878

Neblett, Pattie E.  wife of John S. Neblett, Dec. 6, 1849 – Dec. 17, 1883.

King, Doctor Thomas  Jan. 17, 1795 – April 2, 1831.

<>Steele, John  born Campbell Co. VA July 10, 1800 – died Montgomery Co. TN- Nov. 4, 1848. <>

Rogers, Jane S. second wife of Alex M. Rogers, daughter of Robert and Nancy
  Hunter, born in Campbell Co. VA, died             April 15, 1830 age ca 36.

Bellamy, Robert M. died March 12, 1996.


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Additional information 10-08

Louise “Lula” Gholson Marable was the wife of John Hartwell Marable, III.  She was the daughter of Milton G. Gholson and Maria Louisa Rogers.  She and John Hartwell Marable, III had several children.  She died at the residence of her nephew, Dr. John Gholson. Cause of death: Dysentery.  She is buried in the Gholson Cemetery in an unmarked grave.


John Hartwell Marable, III was a surveyor. He was elected to the office of City Engineer for the City of Clarksville, TN for 9 years.  He was the son of Dr. John Hartwell Marable II and Evelina Helen Hutchison Smith Marable.  He married Louise Gholson about 1865 and they had 4 children: Grace, Paul Douglas, Ernest Howard, and Dr. John Hartwell Marable, IV.  He is buried in the Gholson Cemetery in an unmarked grave.  The cemetery was formerly known as the “Steele” burial grounds.  His obituary reads in part”. The funeral was held at the home of T.H. Marable on Greenwood Ave. by Rev. John B. Cannon at 1 o’clock this afternoon, after which the body was taken to the Steele Burial Ground on the South side of the river, where it was laid to rest in the presence of a large concourse of friends.”  The cause of death was pneumonia.


Colonel Milton G. Gholson died at the residence of his son-in-law Mr. John S. Neblett January 18, 1883.  He was born in Cumberland County, Kentucky and moved to Christian County, Kentucky while a young boy and while a young man moved to Montgomery County, Tennessee, where the greater part of his life was spent.  He was in the late war as Lieutenant-Colonel of the 14th Tennessee regiment.  He was later commissioned Brigadier-General of Militia by Governor Harris.  He was an educated, polished, refined gentleman.  He was married twice first to Miss Maria Louisa Rogers, March 12, 1833 and his second wife was Miss Sarah Margaret Vance they married October 25, 1858, both of whom have preceded him to the grave.  He raised a large family of children, only three of whom survive him, two daughters and one son. His remains were interred on yesterday at the family burial ground, near his former residence on the Southside.


Sarah Margaret Vance Gholson:  wife of Milton G. Gholson was born 1820 and died April 21, 1878.  She is thought to be buried with her husband in the Gholson/Steele Cemetery.

Addiitional Information 2-09

Robert M. Bellamy his middle name is Moery and he was born Sept. 18, 1924 in Stewart County TN and died March 12, 1996 in Montgomery County TN. 

James Thomas Farrar M.D. who was born February 22, 1936 in Benton County TN and died January 29, 2002 in Montgomery County TN.

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