This is the unedited research and genealogical collection of Geneva Suggs Swain donated by Carroll Ray Ellis.
The original copies of these records are housed in the Montgomery County Archives and available for researchers to use.

Items from the collection are listed below. Click on the underlined word to access a picture of the document.


Obituary of Andrew Warren Ferrell 4-18-1972 Obituary of Emma Coleman Ferrell 8-13-1970
Obituary of Esther Geraldine Cherry Ferrell 11-11-1970 Obituary of Jack Jackson Ferrell 9-16-1980
Obituary of Jessie C. Ferrell 4-12-1973 Obituary of Loma B. Ferrell 9-19-1980
Obituary of Margaret Cynthia Ferrell 5-30-1972 Obituary of Martha Baggett Ferrell 2-4-1981
Obituary of Romie Ellis Ferrell 4-4-1972 Obituary of Youvilla Baggett Ferrell
Obituary of Margaret Emma Wells Ferrell 3-6-1970 Obituary of Ervin Ferrell 7-29-1970
Obituary of James M. (Jimmy)Ferrell Obituary of Joseph A. Ferrell 3-1-1972
Obituary of Lillie E. Ferrell 9-9-1971

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