Schools in Montgomery County
School Histories


1.  Quartette Singing- an opening entertainment
2.  Preparation of a Junior Red Cross Box through individual contributions
3.  Sale of Christmas Seals- a delightfully successful program
4.  Halloween Party-  for recreational benefit of the community
5.  Christmas Play and Party- to teach the spirit, meaning, appreciation, and relationship of Christmas in
 this and other countries.
6.  Sale of War Stamps and Bonds- beneficial in spirit.  Sale $172.55
7.  Valentine Party and Fish Fry-  recreational benefit
8.  Health Unit- to improve the needs of healthy bodies and minds in the community and school including
an address by Nurse Jones and Community Day which was held on Apr. 18 when Griffey School visited our school.
9.  April 12-  We visited Griffey School
10.  Flag Day-  Study of origin, meaning and treatment of our Flag
11.  Memorial Service for our deceased President F. D. Roosevelt through prayer and patriotic songs.
12.  Closing Day Exercises-  High in spirit and feeling toward the work done by the school by the parents.  A play-
"The Das-Funny Family."
13.  PTA meetings every 2 weeks at the school

Submitted by Sandra Stacey