1817—1875 1819—1903

     Evan Wiley Shelby was born in Tennessee in December 1, 1817, [according to tombstone.] His parents were ISAAC AND MARY (TRAMMELL) SHELBY. His father was a plantation owner. (Isaac was supposed to be the son of Thomas and Hannah (Polk) Shelby and Thomas was the son of Rees and Mary (Blair) Shelby and Rees was the son of Evan and Catharine (Morgan) Shelby from Wales. Not proven, although he must be a descendant of Evan and Catharine (Morgan Shelby) Virginia A. Sallee was the daughter of MOSES and ELIZABETH (WADEMORE) SALLEE and she was born in Virginia February 19, 1819. Moses Sallee is a descendant of the French Huguenot Abraham Sallee from Virginia. Virginia and Evan were married in April 1841, [They got a marriage license there April 12, 1841.] He died January 29, 1875, [age 57 years, 1 mo, 28 days] and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pike County, Illinois. Virginia died February 14, 1903, and is buried in Miller Cemetery, Texas County, Missouri. Evan was a farmer and seemed to be a gentle, sentimental man caring about and missing his children. In the 1880's Virginia went to live with her daughter Sarah Glyn. She was an old lady, blind, and walking with a cane. She used to tell the grandchildren that she remembered, as a child, (presumably in Virginia) a night when there was a great shower of falling stars, a phenomenon which was visible all over the South, and was written up in the books, she said. And she remembered the road in front of their house being filled with slaves flocking to the cemetery. They thought it was the end of the world, and they wanted to watch the dead rise! (Reference Kathleen Wikcham/great granddaughter) Kathleen's mother also used to tell of a grandmother who, when she was young, had only one dress, a linsey-woolsey, for which she had spun and woven the flax and wool herself. When it had to be washed, she washed it a bedtime as she undressed, and hung it on a chair in front of the fireplace to dry, so she could put it on in the morning. Not sure if this was Virginia Shelby or Margaret Glyn.)


1. Mildred A. born approximately 1842 in Tennessee married March 3, 1860, JONATHAN COATNEY and died May 3, 1863, in Bulock, Mercer County, Missouri. They had some children that died with typhus names unknown.
2. LOUISA ELLEN born August 19, 1843, in Tennessee married August 19, 1865, JONATHAN COATNEY and died July 7, 1931 in Texas Co. Mo
3. Mary E. born about 1845 in Ill [?married _____Cass? or possibly married December 21, 1865, in Cooper Co, Missouri, David Gibson.
4. William born about 1847 in Missouri [Could he have served in the civil war?] [?Died age 17]
5. Sarah Samantha born December 26, 1848, in Illinois married in Missouri, February 20, 1866, Henry Glyn died December 14, 1928 in Shawnee Co., Kansas. Children: Albert, Robert, Frances Marion, Arthur M., Laura Alice, Ida M. OBITUARY: Mrs. Sarah Glyn is Found Lying in Road. Had been visiting and returning home when accident happened. Mrs. Sarah Glyn 82, was killed instantly when knocked down by a hit and run driver about two miles north of North Topeka, on the Central Avenue road shortly before 6 o'clock last night. Apparently there were no eyewitnesses. The first report of the killing was when a motorist appeared at the home of Glenn Pollom and announced that a woman was lying dead on the highway in from of the Pollem house. The motorist drove away a few moments afterward without leaving his name. Mrs. Glyn had been visiting at the Pollom home and was returning to the home of her son. R.L.Glyn a short distance down the road, when she came to her death. Ed Mays, county motorcycle officer, who investigated the case, was unable to find any clews which may lead to the identity of the driver. He does not believe the motorist who appeared at the Pollom home was the one who did the killing. Mrs. Glyn was a resident of Jefferson county from 188?4 until a few months ago, when she came to make her home with her son. She is survived by three others sons, Albert Glyn, Houston, Tex.; M. Glyn, Grantville and A.M. Glyn Rossville; and a daughter, Mrs. Laura Reed, Garden City. The body was taken to Peebler's undertaking establishment. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. An inquest probably will be held in the case., Dr. H.L. Clark, county coroner, announced [I have a copy and a picture of her.]
6. James Isaac born March 7, 1851; married (1) 1870 Susan Craigmiles; married (2) December 10, 1876, Lucy M. Greenstreet Liles; died April 17, 1909 in Ill. Children Lillie, Harry Raymond, Cora Ina.

OBITUARY: James Isaac Shelby was born in the state of Missouri, March 7, 1851; died April 17, 1909. He came to Pike County, Ill., when quite young, remained here for a short time and then went back to Missouri, but later returned again to Pike county where he spent the remainder of his life. He was united in marriage to Susan Craigmiles, Sept...., 1870, who died in childbirth April 19, 1872, the child dying at the same time. He was married to Lucy Liles, Dec. 10,1 1876. From this union three children survive,Lillie, Harry and Cora., who are married and have families. ...Shelby was a worthy son of toil. He was honest, truthful and ...nd industrious. and lived for those who lived him. His highest ambition was to toil for the home he loved so well. He was not boastful, and never south promotion. He was all the he claimed to be. He lived in deeds, not sentiment. He was a full fledged American citizen, and squared his life by the golden rule, citing well his part in all walks of life. The writer knew Mr. Shelby for some twenty years, has been at his fireside in sickness and in health. Our associations were most pleasant. His many neighbors for so many long years will miss him going and coming from his vine-clad cottage in the green valley. He was astir with the lark, ere the morning sunbeams kissed the dewdrops on hud and flower. He was seldom idle when in health, his hands were always busy. The string of his latch was on the outside. He enjoyed the sweet associations of his friends. It was like a thunder clap in a clear sky at noonday when the message came to our little village that he had passed away. We thought we had just seen him pass with his little grandchildren in his buggy, that he loved so well. Oh how they will miss him coming after them. how dark and drear and empty the old home will seem to them. Th__ will tick so lound in he awful...of the room. Tell me will you, that Mr. Shelby will not be missed. Many loving friends and neighbors gathered around the home and fireside when he fell sick so suddenly. He left his home and loved ones most dear, when everything was budding into life and beauty. Vernal showers were bathing the hillsides flowers were blooming and birds were singing. When joy and happiness was calling him out a field. A pleasant time to live, a gloomy one to die. The storm had passed by when we stood around the new made grave on the hillside, tear-eyed. The sweet streams of....impressive as we filed by and looked for the last time on he face of our dear friend and neighbor. We pray that ....guardian angels may encamp around the home without he companion and the father. The bereaved family requested that we would thank all friend and neighbors for their loving kindness to them in their sad affliction and bereavement. —A friend.
7. Susan Isabel Shelby born April 10, 1857 in Shelbyville, Illinois; married 1874 in Holden, Johnson County, Missouri, Aaron Filmore Peabody; children: John Popejoy Peabody, Ellen Gertrude Peabody; Ida Belle Peabody; Susan Elizabeth Peabody; Eugena Jean Peabody; Benjamin Harrison Peabody, Mary Edna Peabody; Susan died in December 1939 in Fairmount, Arkansas. Aaron and Susan lived near Cabool, Mo and lived there with Aaron’s parents then moved to Willow Springs, Howell Co., Mo. Aldine Britt Serl said that Susan was an industrious woman who spun yarn from her own wool that she had dyed herself. She wove mats on her loom, sewed, quilted and knitted for others. She made her own lye out of wood ashes and made her own yeast to bake with. Aldine thought Aaron was a well-educated man and said she remembered he once called himself a gentleman farmer.

Obituary: Funeral service was held Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church for Mrs. Susan Isabel Peabody, 82 years old, who died Saturday night at the home of her son, Ben Peabody in the Fairmount community south of Gentry. Rev. Carl P. Nelson, pastor of the local Baptist Church, officiated. Mrs. Peabody was born in Shelbyville, Ill., April 10, 1857. She had been a resident in the Gentry vicinity for 20 years. Survivors include another son, John Peabody of Grogan, Mo.; five daughters, Mrs. J.E. Lehr, Flort Smith, Mrs. Dave Armstrong, Liberal, Mo., Mrs. H. E. Claflin, Arcadia, Kan., Mrs. Van Britt, Kansas, and Mrs. Homer Holder, Charleston; 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Burial was in the Gentry Cemetery under the direction of the Wasson Funeral Home.
8. Julia [must have died young]. DATES: 1817—Evan Wiley Shelby born in Tennessee [Appendix A, Map. 7]. 1819—Virginia Almira Sallee was born in Buckingham Co., Va [Appendix A, Map 11]. —A great shower of falling stars upset the south. ?1836, November 24—[Deed Book D p. 734] Know all men by these presents that I Evan W. Shelby of the County of Montgomery County State of Tennessee being indebted to Vance & Dicks Merchants in the sum of $78 due by note 24 Nov. 1836, and whereas I being desireous of securing the payment of said sum of money and interest to the said Vance & Dicks I do hereby assign transfer and mortgage them so much of my interest in my father Isaac Shelbys Estate consisting of negroes and lands which they shall hold against me my heirs and assigns forever and hereby authorized the Legatees of my Fathers Estate to pay over to Vance & Dicks the above sum of $78 and Interest or my agents when a division & sale of negroes and land of my fathers estate shall take place. Witness my hand and seal Nov. 24, 1836 Evan. W. Shelby (Seal) Witnesses: Saml S. Williams. Geo. Thomas. 1839, November 5—Evan Shelby and John W Shelby both bought land from Charles Bailey Montgomery Co. Tenn.
DEED Book R p. 302/303 John bought 200 acres for $400; Evan bought 100 acres for $200 west side of Fletcher Fork of the west fork of Red River. 1840—E.W. Shelby pg. 276 Montgomery Co. Tenn census. Also on same page Shadrack Trammel and John W. Shelby. Isaac Shelby on page 275; Moses Sallee page 270 E.W. Shelby 1 male 20-30 1841 April 12—Evan W. Shelby and Virginia A Sallee got marriage licenses. Isaac Shelby security. 1841—Evan Shelby on tax list Dist #5. Montgomery Co. Tenn (also Isaac Shelby, John Shelby, Irwin Shelby, Shadrack, Wm and Daniel Trammel. Moses Sallee Dist #3) . 1842, December 22—Evan W. Shelby sold land to Daniel Trammel ($375) Book T page 180 Montgomery Co. Tenn [I have copy] 1850, November 5—Evan Shelby 31 Tenn, Virginia 29 Va, Mildred A. 8 Tenn, Louisa E. 6 Tenn, Mary 5 Ill, William 3 Mo. and Sarah J. 2 Ill listed in Johnson Co., Ill (census page 361b #197) [I have copy] Seems to be the land bought from Charles Bailey, Shadrack Trammil and William A.C. Tubbs witnesses. [Appendix A, Map 8]. 1856 February 22—E.W. Shelby sold land from Josiah Smith Township #66 ($100) Book D page 337 Mercer Co., Mo [I have copy] 1856 December 22—Evan W. Shelby bought land from R.B. Ballew ($150) Township #66 Mercer Co. Missouri book D Page 531 [Appendix A, Map. 6]. 1860, February 18—E.W. Shelby bought land from Elisha Smith (70 acres for $360 in township #66 Mercer Co. Missouri Book H page 128 . 1860—E.W. Shelby 41 farmer Tenn, Virginia 41 Virginia, L.E. [Louise Ellen] 16 Tenn., M.E. [Mary E] 14 Ill, William 13 Missouri, Sarah 11 Illinois, James 9 Illinois, Susan 3 Missouri living in Lindley Township Mercer Co., Missouri, P.O. Salinas page 249 #1067 census. Joseph Maxey Sallee living in same town (Virginia's brother). Mildred A. Shelby is already married to Jonathan Coatney and living in Mercer Co. [I have copy]. 1860 April 16—E.W. Shelby sold to William Moon 60 acres in township #66 for $100 (Mercer Com. Mo Book H page 545 [I have copy] 1863 September 28—Evan W. Shelby sold land to William Dyes (70 acres for $400 Township #66 Mercer Mo Book I page 411  1865—Pike Co. Illinois census Evan Shelby 2 (10-20) 1 (40-50)/ 1 (10 and under) 1 (10-20) 1(30-40) Total 6 400 - Value of livestock [Appendix A, Map 8]. 1867—Gave Power of Attorney to brother John W. Shelby of Montgomery Co., Tenn for selling his father's (Isaac) estate. Evan W. Shelby and wife Virginia A Shelby were living in Pike Co., Ill [I have copy]. 1869—Evan Shelby and Jonathan Coatney both in Pike Co., Ill (Road petition and also gave power of attorney for Virginia's father's estate (Moses Sallee) in Montgomery Co., Tenn. 1870, July 8—Evan W. Shelby bought land from Nathan Gregg in Cass Co., Missouri for $125 book 3 page 424 [I have copy] 1870—Mildred is dead, Sarah Glyn and Louisa Ellen Coatney living in Spring Creek, Pike Co, Ill (Cass Co. Missouri, Sugar Creek Twp. page 710) [I have copy] Evan Shelby 51 m farmer 3200 1000 Tenn, Virginia 50 f Keeping House Virginia, James 19 Ill, Susan 13 Missouri, John Thomas 18 laborer

Kentucky 1871, February 9— [Letter/I have a copy] Well Jim I am going to rite you a few lines to let you no what I am dooing. I have rented Frank Pages farm. he is going South. I understand that Jim Combs rote to Will Combs and said he could be hear in May and he was coming with you. Don't wate till that time if you do you will loose a crot. I rented that farm on your accounT I am not able to do anything hardly with a pain in my hip and shoulder. I am owing at the Lodge. you see Sam Cannon and tell him if I am owing anything to the lodge you will pay it and for him to send me a demit. You get the money from Jacobs. I told John to send the balance by you the intrust on the Jacob not is all behind & 50cts of the principal & some on the Grafford not do no more. E.W. to Jim. 1871, December 7th—[letters/I have copies] Susan Shelby to James Shelby Wadesburg, Cass [Missouri] Dear brothers and sisters: I today start my self to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines will find you all well. We have just received your kind letter asking and was glad to hear from you. Jim don't you wait for Jim Combs for he rote hear him and you was going to start the lth of May and when you any how. Well the ?Swe.... you done pretty wel don't you think soo good by Susan I to Susan S and J.I.S. Now Jim I want you start from there by the 7th of March if you can you know it will be verry muddy if you wait till April. Well children I though as your mother and Suse was riting I would a few lines. I am tolerable. Well at this time tho not able to doo but little. I have hierd Jake Gregg for the crop season. He is making me a good hand. We have a cold backward spring no appearance of grass yet. Jimmy I have bought a few cattle. I have 12 too year olds this spring 6 calves 5 milk cows 2 of them has calves 2 more of them will soon 6 19 head of hogs to fat this fall but that does not satisfy me. I would rather have you with me than all the cattle & hogs. I get so lonesome without you some knights I can't go to sleep for half the knight for Stuing about you. If I can't sell out hear and you want to come back come a long and I will give you a good chance. I will put a hand with you and give you a half if you will furnish half the team and tools and pay half the taxes on the farm we willhave our stocks together and feed together and go halves. I shall be satisfyed till I see you and the rest of the children and I have no chance to leave home but if you was hear I would all be rite. I must quit rite soon and give all the new March 26. Yours lovingly E.W. to J.I. Shelby remember me and be a good boy and don't be wicked.

1872 November 15—E.W. Shelby sold land to John Gibson in Cass Co., Missouri (165 acres) for $4125. Book 12 page 102.
1874—Susan was married in Holden, Johnson County, Missouri. 1875—Evan W. Shelby died and is buried in Crscent Heights Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Pike Co., Ill [I have picture of tombstone Evan W. Shelby d. 29 Jan. 1875 age 52 years 1 mo 28 days].
1880—Virginia ?; Sarah Glyn in Trego Co., Kansas; James Isaac Shelby in Spring Creek, Pike County, Illinois, Louisa Ellen Coatney in Bourbon Co., Kansas.  [Appendix A, Map 5]. 1880—Census, Vernon Co.,Clear Creek, Missouri 44-214-10-45, A.T. Peabody, white male age 31 born in Maine; Susan wife 23 Missouri father born KY, mother born VA; John 3 age 3 Mo; dau. daughter 3/12 b. Mo; Aaron Father age 67 born Maine; Pearl brother 33 born in Maine 1880's—Virginia A. Sallee Shelby went to live with her daughter Sarah Glyn. 1900—Virginia Shelby b. Feb. 1819 81 widow # of children 1; # of children living 1 b. Virginia, Father b. Virginia mother b. Virginia can read and write; was living with her son in law Henry L Glyn in KAW (now Grantville) Jefferson County, Kansas, Louisa Ellen Coatney in Texas Co., Mo; James Isaac Shelby in Spring Creek, Pike Co., Ill. [Appen. A, Map 6]
1900—Census: Texas Co., Missour, Cass Twp 110-138-15-30 Aaron F. Peabody, white b. Sept. 1848 in Maine married 24 years 7 children 7 living; Hannah wife b. Apr. 1859 in Illinois; John R. son b.Apr. 1878 age 22 Maine; Ida I daughter Sept. 1881 18 Maine; Susan daughter b. Jan. 1883 17 Maine; Eugena dau. Jan. 1885 15 Mo; Benjamin son May 1889 11 Mo; Mary dau. Dec. 1891 8 Mo 1903—Virginia Shelby died in Texas County, Missouri at Louisa Ellen Coatney's, buried Miller cemetery. Tombstone: Virginia E. Shelby Feb. 19, 1819-Feb 14, 1903. 1920 Census—near Jonathan Coatney, Texas County, Missouri—John R. Peabody w m 43 Mo, Ks Ks.
NOTE: Kathleen Wickham's mother's records state: E.W. was son of Thomas, brother of General Evan Shelby. We know Evan was the son of Isaac. Could he have been the grandson of Thomas?

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