Take Highway 149 about 18 miles to Sheeks Circle, turn left, turn in first driveway, go to second house. Cemetery is on the right.


COLOMBO Anthony J. U.S. NAVY WORLD WAR II FEB.26,1922 - MAY 14,1996

                     Louise L. Aug.2,1923 - Beloved wife and mother

ELLIS Berry Miles 1858 - 1950 (footstone: Father)

            Angeline 1865 - 1947 (footstone: Mother)

ELLIS Bessie Irene wife of Ivie C Ellis Feb.24,1893 - July 21,1947

              She is at rest in Heaven where there is no pain or suffering

              Where she needs no hospital bed

              Where she needs no nurse or doctor

               Where there is no aching head

ELLIS Betty Robinson June 12,1904 - Sept.6,1989

ELLIS Beulah May daughter of Ivie & Emma Ellis

            Born Sept.21,1908 Died Oct.28,1909

               Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven

ELLIS Emma Elizabeth wife of M.E. Ellis

            Born Oct.10,1888       Died Sept.16,1910

               God in His wisdom has recalled the boon His love had given

               and though the body slumbers here

               the soul is safe in Heaven

ELLIS Father

ELLIS Mother

                      ( This is all that was on these stones.)

ELLIS J.R. June 27,1846 - May 9,1920 Father

            Evanah Oct.9,1846 - May 16,1920 Mother

              In thee O Lord have we put our trust

ELLIS Marvin Berry Aug.28,1903 - Mar.30,1961

ELLIS Orman A. S.SGT U.S. ARMY WORLD WAR II AUG.15,1921 - APR.25,1992

ELLIS Will (No dates)

ELLIS William R. June 29,1898 - Nov.25,1993 (footstone: Father)

             Lillian L. Aug.11,1899 - Aug.29,1957 (footstone: Mother)

HODG child

HODGE Mrs John


POWERS John Edward Sept.15,1846 - July 21,1927

                 Mary Eliza Apr.9,1854 - Apr.23,1932

SHEEKS Isom Nov.12,1902 - July 24,1990

                Vita Lee Aug.25,1900 - Apr.28,1978

                     married: Dec.5,1922

SHEEKS Vivian Mae Oct.4,1947 - Feb.9,1952

Transcribed by: Kathy Reynolds & Patty Davis

Patty---nightshade_1965@hotmail.com and Kathy --wolffolks@lycos.com

                        March 20,2000 Ellis Cemetery Montgomery County, Tennessee

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