Montgomery County Tennessee
Bible  Records

The Edmondson- Orgain Bible

1850 Edition

Concord, N.H.

Published by Luther Roby

My mother-in-law, Edna Dickson Mallory, of Nashville, TN died in Oct. 2004 at the age of 92.  My wife, Bennetta, and her sister, Suzanne, found this family Bible in her desk.  We did not know of its existence until that time.  The Bible has limited entries and really contained no major new discoveries.  However, it provides a wonderful confirmation of family relationships that had been determined through courthouse records and cemeteries in Montgomery Co. TN and Houston Co. TN.

In certain cases it did provide details which had not yet been discovered such as specific dates of death and full names.

All the entries appear to have been written by the same hand and with the same pen except the dates of death for Minerva ORGAIN EDMONDSON and Benjamin Reps EDMONDSON which were obviously written by a different person at a much later date.

Based on the dates and circumstances it appears to us that the Bible was probably acquired by Minerva ORGAIN EDMONDSON at or near the date of death of her husband, Benjamin EDMONDSON in 1854.  Of course it could have been a wedding present but no entries were made until the premature death of Benjamin.

Minerva's grandfather, Benjamin ORGAIN, and Benjamin EDMONDSON's father, Samuel EDMONDSON, were brothers-in-law.  They both moved to Montgomery Co. TN in the 1810-1820 timeframe from Lunenburg Co. VA.  County records suggest that Benjamin ORGAIN may have preceded Samuel in moving to TN by a few years.


Benjamin EDMONDSON and Minerva E. ORGAIN were married May 14th 1851 


Benjamin EDMONDSON was born March 15, 1826

Minerva E. ORGAIN was born October 7th, 1827

Bennetta EDMONDSON was born April 3rd, 1852

Benjamin Reps EDMONDSON was born Oct. 14th, 1853


Benjamin EDMONDSON departed this life November the 2nd, 1854

Benjamin Reps EDMONDSON departed this life Dec. the 14th, 1874 (different handwriting, probably Bennetta's)

Minerva E. EDMONDSON departed this life November the 10th, 1881 (same handwriting as above but lighter ink)

LOOSE CERTIFICATE found in the family page section.  Underlined words were hand written:: 

Sons of Temperance

Seal:  National Division S. of T. US, Organized June 17, 1844


To Whom It May Concern:

This certifies that Brother Benj. EDMONDSON, whose signature appears in the margin in his own hand writing was on the 26 day of May 1849 regularly admitted a member of Farmer's Division No. 227 located in Montgomery Co. and working under legal and unforfeited Charter granted by the Grand Division of the State of Tennessee on the 8th day of December, 1848

Having paid all demands against him up to the 28 day of Sept. (marked through) Dec. 1850 and being under no charge whatever we have granted him this Traveling Card and recommend him to the due regard of all true Sons of Temperance.

In Witness whereof: We have caused this to be signed by our W.P. and R.L. and the seal of our Division to be attached in the presence of the Division the 28 day of Sept. one thousand, eight hundred 50.


W. A. (?) LYLE R.P.

A.  PATTERSON, G. Scribe G.D.

Benjamin EDMONDSON (signed in right hand margin)

OBITUARY cut out of newspaper and placed in a small envelope:


At his residence last night at 12 o'clock, Nov 2, 1854 in this County, Benjamin EDMONDSON, in the 27th year of his age.

He was a kind and affectionate husband and father, and much beloved by all who knew him.  He leaves a wife and two children, and many friends to mourn his loss.

There was a hand written note also found in the pages which appears to be an invitation to come to help with a quilt....a "quilting party" if you will.  The date June 25, 1855 (year is my best judgement but it might be 1853, 1885, or 1883) appears. The name was Jenny EDMONDSON, Miss Mollie, Miss Mary Catherine USSERY, Mrs. Mary Catherine KEESEE, Miss Mollie USSERYSis THOMPSON .
On the opposite side of the note is this hand written poem:
You'll be forgotten as old debts
By persons who are used to borrow.
Forgetten as the Sun that sets
When shines a new one on the morrow.
Forgotten as the luscious peach
That blest the school boy last September
Forgetten as the maiden's speech
Which all men praise,-but none remember.

 Submitted by Russell B. James of Houston Co. TN- e-mail


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