Take Highway 13/48 about 10 miles to the 13/48 split. Turn right on 13, go 10 miles to Spring Valley Road. Turn right, go .1 mile. Cemetery is on the left.


ALLEN Charlie E. July 20,1870 - July 20,1948

              Dora B. July 8,1873 - Oct.8,1913

                 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

BLUEROCK Eliza J. Born Mar.14,1837 Died Nov.13,1893

                           Parted friends again may meet, From the toiles of nature free,

                                                           (The rest is unreadable)

BOONE Elizabeth B. June 27,1865 - May 18,1919 Mother

                     The faithful are certain of their reward

BRUNSOM Mary Ann ?? (could not read date)

BRUNSOM William W. 1853

BRUNSON I.V.W. Born Sept.6,1896 Died Jan.11,1907

                           Too good for Earth

CORBAN Martha P. consort of Burrell Corban (footstone: M.P.C.)

                    Born March 21,1824 Died Feb.18,1849

                            In silent friends, When near my grave you (? )

                            (?) you too must soon lie with the quiet death

                            Prepare while here (?) riches to obtain

                            Then we in Heaven will meet again

CORBAN infant daughter of Burrell & Martha P. Corban

DICKSON Celia consort of Adam Dickson

                   Born December 21,1821 Died May 10th 1838

                    aged 16 years 1 month and 25 days

                        She is not dead but lives again in worlds of bliss and endless joy

DORITY Lonnie B. Feb.23,1876 - May 29,1940 Gone but not forgotten

                                Bought by Lela and Dulcie

DORITY Mary E. Nov.2,1875 - Aug.27,1937 She hath done what she could

DORTCH Norefleet Born Nov.3,1827 Died Nov.21,1854

FINLEY Ann L. daughter of Norfleet & Louise Dortch

               Born Dec.31,1829 Died Jan.6,1858

FINLEY Elizabeth C. daughter of Nancy & Robert West

                Born Feb.15,1826 Died June 16,1847 (footstone: E.F.)

FLETCHER Harrison W. Oct.25,1877 - Apr.5,1957

HAMS J. Herman Aug.2,1884 - July 2,1923 (footstone: J.H.H.)

                    His memory is blessed

HARRIS Jesse Roberson Feb.17,1867 - June 17,1930 (footstone: J.R.H.)

                        Woodman of the world memorial

HARRIS Robert Lee 1866 - 1956

HEDGE Christopher Austin May 3,1961 - Aug.28,1985 (footstone: Husband)

                On back: married Mar. 24,1884 We shall meet again



                                    MAY 29,1893 - JULY 8,1971

HEGGIE Jennie Powell Mar.31,1859 - Jan.17,1945 Gone but not forgotten

HEGGIE John Jr. Mar.22,1939 - June 20,1939

                Gladys Irean Feb.14,1931 - Mar.20,1932

                        Children of John & Sudie Heggie Asleep in Jesus arms

HEGGIE John Gabe Feb.23,1889 - June 15,1978 (footstone: Daddy)

                Mary Sudie Mar. 23,1902 - June 20,1982 (footstone: Mother)

                    They are with the Lord

HEGGIE William Clayborne 1920 - 1989

HERNDON Mable daughter of P.T. & L. Herndon

                    Born Nov.15,1895 Died July 13,1897 Our little lamb

HOLLIS Addie P. wife of J.T. Hollis July 16,1865 - Sept.11,1941

                    Beloved one farewell We will meet again

INGHAM James W. Born Apr.22,1842 Died Mar.25,1924

                        He was beloved by God and man

INGHAM Rebecca was born march 11,1853 died Feb.27, 2:30 a.m. 1913

                  was married July 6,1871 To this union were born 11 children all of

                  whom survive her. She became obedient to the gospel of Christ

                  when 16 years of age and was faithful until death.

INGRAM Mrs. M.W. wife of J.C. Ingram borned Aug.12th 1810

                  departed this lif October 10,183?

JOHNSON Martha West Here lies the body of Martha West Johnson who departed this

                       life December 11,1829 aged 18 years 1 month 10 days

KNIGHT Yolonda Dionne Nov.15,1968 - Nov.30,1968

KNIGHT Hanna wife of J.K. Knight Born Aug.24,1812 Died Jan.4,1897

                    In my Father’ s house are many mansions In after time we’ ll meet her

LEE John Paul stillborn Aug.15,1927

LEWIS Dulcie Mai Oct.4,1900 - Apr.28,1958 (footstone: Mother)

                Our mother Gone but not forgotten

LEWIS Eddie Brown Dec.3,1919 - Dec.9,1947 (footstone: Eddie)

                Son of Mr. & Mrs. O.D. Lewis, He is not dead but sleepeth

LYLE Frank Feb.7,1856 - Apr.21,1921 At Rest

LYLE Martha Beloved wife of James L. Lyle At Rest

            Born Dec.16,1824 Died Oct.13,1906

                Here lies Mother and children

MATTHEWS Elizabeth wife of P.H. Matthews &

                                       daughter of W.&S. McNickle

                         Dec.2,1854 aged ? yrs. 10 mos.

MILLER Lizzy Born Jan.16,1861 Died Oct.31,1882 HIS is on a cross

NORRIS Cecil June 29,1904 - Jan.15,1915 (footstone: Daughter)

NORRIS Junior Apr.26,1910 - Apr.29,1910 (footstone: Son)

PARKER Buford Earl Jan.6,1930 - Jan.16,1930

PARKER Dillard W. Dec.5,1890 - July 17,1953 (footstone: Father)

                Minnie L. Sept.10,1894 - Aug.19,1978 (footstone: Mother)

                        Beyond the sunset

PARKER Nanny Ruth Aug.25,1924 - Sept.29,1924

POWELL Betty Born ???? Died Apr.??????

POWELL John 1863 - 1954 (footstone: Father) Beloved one farewell

POWELL Mary E. July 18,1947

POWELL Mary 1879 - 1936 (footstone: Mother) Sweetly resting

REDDICK wife of W.M. Reddick Born Jan.2,1855 Died March 26,1890

                        Here lies Mother and child

RILEY Richard 1840 - 1906

RILEY Margaret 1844 - 1920

RIVES Mary Eliza Mar.10,1886 - Mar.12,1940

ROBINSON two infants of E.& M.L. Robinson 1902 - 1911

                            Our loved ones

RYE Joseph 1854 - 1935 Father

         Alex 1888 - 1934 Son

         Dolly Clay 1884 - 1958 Daughter

         Emma Clark 1903 - 1979 Daughter

SANDERSON David A. Aug.31,1866 - Sept.6,1937

                        David M. Sept.17,1906 - May 18,1992

                                    The Lord is my Shepherd

SANDERSON Ida May May 14,1886 - June 30,1915 (footstone: I.M.S.)

                                In thee, Oh Lord, have I put my trust

SANDERSON Lizzie May daughter of D.A. & Ida May Sanderson

                         Born Jan.29,1914 Died May17,1914 (footstone:L.M.S.)

                                Gone to be an angel

SHANNON Robert son of Wm. & Rosie Shannon May 9, 1905

                                He is at rest

SINKS F. K. Born May 11,1910

SISSON Jane Born 1856 Died Sept.5,1906 Gone but not forgotten

SMITH Mandy wife of John W. Smith Born July 7,1869 Died May 9,1907

                There is no parting in Heaven



STACKER George W. son of G. & M. Stacker

                    Born Aug.30,1851 Died Oct.24,1851

                            Our babe is not dead but sleepeth S. Hodgson Clarksville on the stone

STACKER Martha J. wife of Geo. Stacker

                   Born Oct.10,1830 Died Oct.20,1857 (footstone: M.J.S.)

STACKER Samuel son of Geo. & Martha J. Stacker

                   Born July 14,1856 Died March 6,1857

                            “I take these little lambs...”

STACKER Willie F. son of George & Martha Stacker

                    Born Jan.22,1855 Died Aug.23,1855

                            Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not

                            for such is the Kingdom of Heaven

TANNER Lucinda Born May 16,1836 Died Apr.26,1923

                       Sunflower in her path way

TANNER W.T. Born Nov.16,1824 Died Oct.10,1904 Gone but not forgotten

THORN George Ann wife of Wm. A. Thorn

               Born June 20,1824 Died 31,1844 (no month of death given)

TIGIRT Eugene son of T.H. & Agnes Tigirt At Rest

              Born Feb.4,1883 Died Apr.9,1908 (footstone: E.T.)

WEST Arabella Here lies the body of Arabella West. She departed this life

            Nov.25th 1837 aged 22 years 5 months and 21 days

WEST Elizabeth Died Apr.30,1817 aged 51 years

WEST George Died June 28th 1810 aged 52 years

WEST George Jr. Died April 17th 1824 aged 33 years

WHITE Ora Heggie Nov.1,1921 - Mar.10,1994

WHITE Ray May 22, 1943- Apr. 13, 1944

WRIGHT Vinnie Owens Feb. 14, 1871- Dec. 25, 1899 (footstone:V.O.W.)


E.W. (this was all it said)

 Many unmarked graves and graves marked by field stones


Transcribed By: Kathy Reynolds & Patty Davis

Patty---nightshade_1965@hotmail.com and Kathy---wolffolks@lycos.com

 April 3, 2000 Dunbar Cemetery Montgomery County, Tennessee

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