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[Henry Minor Dudley (1811-1883) was in the St. Bethlehem area of Montgomery Co.
c1840. His first wife who is not listed in this Bible record was Susan Neblett who died in
1845. Members of this family as well as members of brother William A. Dudley's family
were buried in the Dudley Cemetery near St. Bethlehem.]



        H. M. Dudley to Lucy Elizabeth Waller 10/23/1849

         W. A. Dudley to Nannie Northington 10/27/1868

             John D. Dudley to Nolie Sugg 1/6/1876

              Sue Dudley to E. C. Hart 12/15/1880

             H. W. Dudley to Lizzie Layne 9/6/1882

         Myrtis Lee Dudley to F. R. Mallory 11/27/1887


                    Wm A. Dudley 10/23/1844

                  John Downer Dudley 7/5/1851

                Sarah ElizabethDudley 12/3/1852

                   H. Waller Dudley 1/30/1854

                  Frank Thomas Dudley 2/8/1855

                  Mary Susan Dudley 4/19/1857

                  Myrtis Lee Dudley 7/21/1868

This data copied by a Dudley descendant  from a loose Bible page from the  Henry Minor Dudley  family Bible.  This is a list of the Dudley children and their spouses.

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