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Transcribed 8 Sept 2003 by Edwina Lockert Ard


(The first twelve entries are in very fancy script. The record of grandchildren is in a different hand.)

David R. Lockert was Brn May 14th 1819

Sarah E. Lockert was Brn August 22nd 1833

Mary A. Lockert was Born September 11th 1851

John Milton Lockert was Born March 19th 1853

William Thomas Lockert was Born Jan'y 23rd 1855

Izora Ann Elizabeth Lockert was Born April 1st 1857

(?Dr) Newton Franklin Lockert was Born June 14th 1860

James David Lockert was Born December 31st 1862

Sarah Emma Lee Lockert was Born November 5th 1865

Julia Etta Lockert was Born January 31st 1868

Charles Oscar Lockert was Born May 24th 1871

Eddie Austin Lockert was Born November 8th 1876


Julia Mai Lockert was born July 24, 1886

Robert Williams Lockert was born Sep 8th 1878

Sardie A. Lockert was born Sept 1891

Sterling Lockert Paine was born Oct 16 `876

Lizzie F. Paine was born Jan 19 1883

Billie Reid Lockert was born Aug 22, 1890(?)

Lydia Lockert was born April ? 1898


[note: the handwriting on this page is different from the fancy script in the earlier entries]

W. T. Lockert and Lizzie Garrett were married Oct 18, 1881 By Rev J. P. McFerrin at Murfreesboro, Tenn

A.F. Lockert & Mildred Williams were married sept 20, 1885 by Rev. G.W. Gwinn

Roswell Lee Parham & Emma Lockert were married Nov 11, 18-6 (?1886) by Rev. Beale

James D. Lockert and Sallie Hay were married Oct. 23, 1889 by Rev Byrom

Clarence C. Dunn and Julia Lockert were married Dec 21, 1893 by Rev. J. W. (?)Faires

Charles Oscar Lockert and Elizabeth Gower were married


David R. Lockert and Sarah E. Woodson married December 19th 1850 in Montgomery County, Tennessee By Rev. John C. Provine

John M. Felts and Mary A. Lockert were married March 11th 1869 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee By Rev J. W. Cullum

John E. Paine and Izora A.E. Lockert were married December 30th 1875 By Rev. Nicholas E. Bagwell in Montgomery Co., Tennessee

John M. Lockert and Jennie Tally were married Oct. 31 18-- By Rev G. W. Gwinn in Montgomery Co., Tenn


Eddie Austin Lockert died March 27 1877 age 4 months 18 days.

Izora Lockert Paine died Jan 27 1883 age 26

William Thomas Lockert died Dec 10 1881 age 26

David R. Lockert died Feb 1 1892 age 73

Mary Lockert Felts died June 1899 age 48

Sara E. Lockert died August 16 1903 age 68

Elizabeth V. Paine died August 1 1902 age 19

Janie Dunn died Oct 6 1895 born Jan 7 1895

Alma Dunn died Mar 23 1897 bor Mar 5 1897

Jack Dunn died Oct 12 1903 born Apr 25 1902

Burnice Lockert died Sept 25 1895 age 2 1/2

James David Lockert died July 1916

Newton Frankline Lockert died Nov 5 1918

Louis Franklin Lockert died July 6 1907

These were listed on a second page.

Jesse Thomas Lockert was born June 19 1885

Pearl Parham was born Aug 27 1887

Thomas Grady Parham was born April 18 1889

Buford Lockert was born Feb'y 23 1896

Sara Dunn ws born Aug 17 1899

Mary Emma Dunn was born Jan 24 1901

Burnice Lockert was born Jun 25 1893

Louis Franklin Lockert was vorn July 4, 1896

Nannie Lockert was born May 19, 1899

Mildred Lockert was born June 10 1902

David Felts was born Sep 7, 1871

Russell Lockert was born Nov 1896




David Felts

Alice Felts*

Sterling Paine

Lizzie Paine*

Jessie Lockert

sister of Jessie Lockert*

Mai Lockert

Robert Lockert

Sara Lockert

Burnice Lockert*

Frank Lockert

Nannie Lockert

Mildred Lockert

Pearl Lockert

Grady Parham

James Parham

Lockert Parham

Ruth Parham

Fred Parham

Russell Parham

William Reid Lockert

Sister of William Reid Lockert*

Lydia Lockert

Janie Dunn*

Buford Dunn

Alma Dunn*

Sara Dunn

Mary Dunn

Jack Dunn*

Russell Lockert

Minor Lockert

Sylvesta Lockert

*dead at the time this list was made

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