Campbell Deeds Found in Montgomery County Tennessee

  Darnel/Darnal/Darneal/Darniel/Darnall/Daniel CAMPBELL was born circa 1787 in either North or South Carolina.  Both states of birth are given on Federal Census reports.
I base his date of birth on a statement he gave on 28 March 1855 to the Clerk of the Court in Randolph County, Missouri.  He said he was 68 years old then.  1855-68=1787.  Federal Census reports give varying ages for Darnel CAMPBELL but we don't always know who gave the Census taker the information.   

From "Red River Settlers, Records of the Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson and Sumner Counties, Tennessee" by Edythe Rucker Whitley, page 135:
   "In October of the same year (1816), the court made Philemon Whitworth overseer of the road from the Nashville road to Moseley's Ferry.  The hands to work under him were to be: Nathaniel King, Willis Morgan, Dudley Councell, James Burton (or Barton), Hillary Burton (or Barton), Charles Perkins, William King, John Whitworth, Joseph Whitworth, John Major, James Major, William Stewart, Darnel CAMPBELL, William McADAMS, Samuel Weakley, Howell Adkins, William Barton, Jr., Lemuel Barton, Robert Barton and William Barton, Sr.

Deed Record from Montgomery County, Tennessee
Tn} Deed 31 1/2 Acres
Lying on dry fork half pone
William McCawley
   This Indenture made this 10th day of May one thousand eight hundred and Twenty Between Darnal CAMPBELL of the County of Montgomery and state of Tennessee of the one part and William McCawley of the County and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth the said Darnal CAMPBELL for a valuable consideration of the sum of ninety five dollars to him in hand paid before the subscribing and delivering these presents the receipt whereof he doth by these presents ad knowledge hath bargained sold aliened enforced and confirmed and doth by these presents bargain grant grant align enforceth and confirm unto William McCawley his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel of land situated lying and being in the county and state aforesaid and on the waters of dry fork of half pone beginning at a Spanish oak and dogwood on the south west side of the spring branch thence west to a dogwood and white oak thence north to Thomas Hunters south west corner thence east to the head of the spring branch to two poplars thence down the ? the spring being the line to the Beginning the whole to contain thirty one acres and a half be the same more of less to have and to hold  the aforesaid tract of land with all advantages in any wise appertaining thereon and the said CAMPBELL doth covenant and agree with the said William McCawley to warrant and defend the aforesaid bargained premises unto the aforesaid William McCawley against all claims of al and every person or person whatsoever claiming witness whereof I set my hand and seal   Darnal CAMPBELL
E. H. Davis
William MacCAdam    }
Saml. K. Clifton    }
Willis Harris    }
Thomas Williams    }
State of Tennessee
Montgomery County
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
January Term 1823
The within deed of Conveyance from Darnal CAMPBELL to William McCawley was produced in open Court and the Execution thereof duly proven by the Oaths of Willis Harris and Thomas Williams two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and on motion ordered to be certified for registration.
Registered Dec. 10th 1823
Test Andrew Vance Clk of Montgomery County Court

   Index to the 1820 Census of Tennessee:
CAMPBELL, Darnal, page 10, Montgomery County 2(males 0-10)0(males 10-16)0(males 16-18)0(males 18-26)1(male 26-45)0(males 45 and up)-2(females 0-10)0(females 10-16)1(females 16-26)0(females 26-45)0(females 45 and up).

From the Montgomery County Archivist, Jill Hastings-Johnson:
23 November 1999
Dear Colleen:
   Thank you so much for the CAMPBELL pension papers and especially the CAMPBELL/CASHION marriage record and the pictures.  They will be a valuable research source for others using the Archives.
   As we discussed in our phone conversation, I made a listing of the CAMPBELL deeds in Montgomery County from 1788 through 1840.  As you will see there appears to be only one (1) deed for Darnel CAMPBELL.  This land was on the waters of the Dry Fork of Half Pone Creek in what is now northern Cheatham County (created 1856).  How he acquired this property is yet to be determined.  Although there are other CAMPBELL's in the county, they do not seem to be in the area associated with Darnel and his neighbors.
   By no means did we do a thorough search of the records but there are several items that may provide clues for your research.  There is a nuncupative will dated 8 December 1812 for John CAMPBELL of Montgomery County.  He mentions his wife Delila CAMPBELL but no specific property.  This will was proven in court by James W. Moody and Eli Norman in January 1813.  (Montgomery County, Tennessee Probate B-99; County Court Minutes 4-179).  Mary Ann CASHION CAMPBELL states in her 1871 application that she was living at home of B. D. Moody in Randolph County, Missouri.  One of the witnesses to the 1820 Campbell McCauley deed is William MacADAM (sic).  Is he the husband of Rebecca CASHION McADAM of Greene County, Illinois, the sister who signed an affidavit that she was a witness to the 1811 marriage? (YES, ct)
   Witnesses to the 1820 CAMPBELL deed were E. H. Davis, William MacADAM, Saml K. Clifton, Willis Harris and Thomas Williams.  In 1820 Thos. Williams, Lemuel (sic) K. Clifton, Darnal CAMPBELL and William McAdams are all living very close together. (Montgomery County, Tennessee 1820, page 10). In 1819 Pricilla Tyner, on of Darnal's closest neighbors, sold one hundred acres on the waters of Dry Fork of Half Pone Creek to Thomas Hunters.  This property was adjacent to the land where Hunter was living at that time, evidently this is also the adjoining property to CAMPBELL.  One of the witnesses was Thos. Williams.  (Montgomery County, Tennessee Deed L-200-01).
   CASHON/CASHION is not a common name so it might be presumed that those who appear in Montgomery records are related.  In 1808 Pleasant CASHUM (sic) and Henry Hunter are witnesses to a deed involving land on Half Pone Creek.  (Montgomery County, Tennessee Deed D-178).  Later in 1808, Edwin Clifton acquired property for which David and Martin CASHON were witnesses, (Deed H - 567).
The early court minutes have one mention of Darnal CAMPBELL as one of the hands to work on the road from Nashville Road to Moseley's Ferry.  This list on 22 October 1816 also names, among others, William McADAMS, (Montgomery County Court Minutes 7-96). Martin CASHION was a little bit further north in the McAdoo Creek area.  All the names listed are those associated with the southeastern part of Montgomery County.  An entire district was set off in 1856 to become part of Cheatham County.
   Although this does not directly give you Darnel CAMPBELL's background, I hope it will give you some clues about the people with whom he was associated and the will lead to further information.  If you are on the Internet, you may already know and have corresponded with CeCe CAMPBELL (  She had a message on 21 October about CAMPBELL and CASHION in Montgomery County. (That's Me! ct)
I enjoyed visiting with you by phone.  When your schedule permits, come to visit with us at the archives.  In the meantime, if we can help. please let me know.

Index to Courthouse Records
Location of Interest: Montgomery County, Tennessee
Research Date; 10 November 1999
Research Place: Montgomery County Archives
Records of Interest: Index, Deeds, Direct and Reverse, 1788-1840
Vol/Page - Year - Given Name - to/fr - Given Name - instr
A/236 - 1788to96 - James - to - P. Hodges
B/5 - 1796to1800 - Campbell & Phillips to McGraw and Hill
B/86 - William from John Hinds
B/93 (2) - William to William Chubb
B/94 - William to William Chubb
B/95 - William to William Chubb
B/96 - William to Thomas Molloy
B/98 - William to John Hinds
B/373 - James to M, J, W and A. Donal
C/614 - 1800-06 - M and others by shff to Samuel Vance
D/220 - 1806-09 - Dempsey - from NC - Grant
I/132 - 1809-20 - William from John Cryer
K/237 - 1820-25 - Hugh from Needhan Whitfield
K/422 - Darnal to William McCawley
K/640 - Campbell & Barrett - Articles of Agreement
K/641 - Hugh & w/ - marriage contract
K/642 - Hugh to James Barrett
M/505 - 1830-32 - Thomas P. from John S. Harrison
N/314 - 1832-34 - Thomas from Wm. Boyd
N/451 - Thomas P. to Nace F. Trice
P/200 - 1836-38 - James Mason to Riggins and Chisenhall

War of 1812 Pension file for CAMPBELL, Daniel, soldier
War of 1812 
Soldier Campbell, Daniel
Widow Campbell, Mary A.
Service Pvt. Capt. Abraham Allen's Co. Tenn. Mil.
Enlisted Jan. 28 1814
Discharged May 10, 1814
County Land
14067 - 40 - 50
17558 - 120 - 55
Residence of the Soldier 1850, 1855 Randolph Co., Mo
Residence of the Widow 1871, Darksville, Randolph Co., Mo
Maiden name of Widow Mary Ann Cashion
Marriage of Soldier and Widow July 18, 1811 Montgomery Co., Tenn.
Death of Soldier Sept., 13, 1860, Adair Co., Mo

War of 1812, Act of February 14, 1871
Brief of Claim for a Widow's Pension in the case of Mary A. Campbell, widow of Daniel Campbell of Captain Abraham Allen's company Tenn Mill Residence Randolph Co., Missouri
Post Office Address:
Darksville, Randolph Co., Mo Car B. D. Moody
Soldier enlisted 28 Jan 1814 discharged 10th May 1814
Declaration and identification in due form, filed 31 Mch 1871
Service for Sixty Days Shown As Follows:
Report from B.L. Dir. shows service as above One Hundred and Three (103) days. Credibility of witnesses establishes by certificate of ? ? rect of pension, ? in declaration.  Soldier died 13 Sept 1860; date and fact established by affidavit of identifying witnesses, Benj D. Moody and Sarah F. Moody, who were present at death and burial and who swear to Loyalty and continued widowhood of claimant, Oath to support Constitution, subscribed.  Marriage to soldier prior to Feby 17 1815, established by copy of records of Montgomery Co., Tenn, certified to by Peter ONeal clerk and under seal showing issuance of Marriage license and bond of soldier dated 13 July 1811.  One eye witness swears to marriage on 18 July 1811.
Admitted Dec. 16, 1871 to a Pension of eight dollars per month, from February 14, 1871.
W. R. Samuel, Huntsville, Mo.

From the Sumner County, Tennessee Register of Deeds, Vol. A; page 140:
"This Indenture made this Seventh day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven Hundred and ninety Seven between William CAMPBELL of the County of Montgomery and Commonwealth of Tennessee of the one part and John HINDS of the County of Bourbon and Commonwealth of Kentucky of the other part."

This deed conveys property from John HINDS of Bourbon County, Kentucky to William CAMPBELL of Montgomery County, Tennessee.  The land is described as "several tracts of land" . . . six hundred and forty acres of land in the state of Tennessee in Sumner County, lying on the waters of the Salt Lick Fork of Big Barron River . . . also six hundred and forty acres of land in the state and county aforesaid at the beginning of the last tract . . . . also three hundred and twenty acres in the same state and county. . . . also two hundred and twenty eight acres in the state and county aforesaid . . . also one undivided "moiety" in the state and county aforesaid lying on the First Creek that empties into Big Barron River to the East of Salt Lick Fork about one mile south of the Virginia line . . . beginning of one thousand acres granted to the said John Hinds and Thomas Hickman by patent from the governor of North Carolina . . . also nine hundred and twenty acres in the state and county aforesaid on a South Creek emptying into Big Barron River on the East of Red River three miles South of the Virginia line . . . also two hundred and seventy four acres in the state aforesaid in Montgomery County on Lick Creek, Joining Charles GRIGGS lower line . . . also six hundred and forty acres in the state aforesaid in Montgomery County on the south side of the Cumberland River on Cross Creek . . on James CAMPBELL's line . . . also one thousand acres in the state aforesaid in Montgomery County on the south side of the Cumberland River on the west fork of Johnstons Creek  . . . also one hundred and fifty four acres in the state aforesaid in Montgomery County on the south side of the Cumberland River on the waters of Cross Creek . . . also eleven hundred and fifty eight acres in the state aforesaid in Tennessee county of the west fork of Persons Creek adjoining Edmond GAMBLE . . beginning which tract of land was granted to the said Edmond GAMBELL by patent from the governor of North Carolina the first day of January in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety two and by the said GAMBILL conveyed to the said John HINDS by deed . . . . also six hundred and forty acres in the state aforesaid in Davidson County on the First Large Creek on the South Side of the Cumberland River above the Virginia Line . . . also six hundred and forty acres in the state aforesaid in Davidson County on the north side of the Cumberland River in the forks of Mcadoes Creek . . . also six hundred and forty acres in the state aforesaid in Tennessee County on the south side of the Cumberland River on a west branch of Wells Creek . . . containing in the whole twelve thousand six hundred and ninety four acres all which tracts of land are conveyed by the said John HINDS to the said William CAMPBELL of in or to the same to have and to hold the said tracts of land . . . the sum of twelve thousand six hundred and ninety four dollars with lawful interest. . .
Registered and examined
May the 7th 79 (?)

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