Adams, Frank Moore Co.C/lst Ky. Inf. 2
Allen, John B. Forrest’s Cavalry 9
Anderson, Alfred M. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 6
Anderson, Frank 0. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 8
Atkins, Issac S. Rev. Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 7
Atkins, Thomas Morris Co.G/49th Tenn. Inf. 7
Atkinson, Q.C. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 3
Bailey, Charles Duncan Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 6
Bailey, Charles Henry Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 6
Bailey, James Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 5
Balthrop, John H. Co.C/49th Tenn. Inf. 9
Barbee, George W. Co.G/l4th Tenn. Inf. 17
Beach, Henry E. Co.D/l9th Va. 9
Bourne, Louis, W. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 7
Bourne, Joseph, W. Co.G/49th Tenn. Inf. 9
Bourne, William H. Co.L/l4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Bradshaw, John D. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 3
Bringhurst, Edward S. Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 7
Bringhurst, Wm. R.,Jr. Co.A/2nd Ky. 9
Brunson, Issac Co.G/l4th Tenn. Inf. 7
Buck, George M. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 3
Burgess, William H. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 2
Byers, George N. Rockbridge Artillery 9
Cammock, Albert Co.C/2nd La. 4
Carlisle, Carson Co.H/4th Mo. 4
Carney, John L. CoD/lOth Tenn. Cav. 9
Clardy, Thomas F. Forrest’s Cavalry 9
Clark, Lewis Rogers Co. /10th Tenn. Inf. 5
Cobb, R.L. Co.F/SOth Tenn. Inf. 6
Coulter, Robert Co.B/49th Tenn. Inf. 1
Coulter, William F. Co.K/Woods Cavalry 1
Crotzer, Leander W. Co.F/49th Tenn. Inf. 9
Crum, Edward A. Co.A/4th Georgia Cav. 3
Daniel, Cole Spencer Co.A/2nd Ky. 4
Daniel, Egbert W. Co. 8
Daniel, William M. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
Davis, James B. Co.A/SOth Tenn. Inf. 4
Donoho, Lynch B. Co.I/lOth Tenn. Inf. 7
Dorrity, William H. Co.E/2nd Tenn. Cav. 10
Drane, Hugh M. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
Drane, James M. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
Drane, Dr. Walter H. Surgeon of the 14th 5
Faulkner, Rev. E.C. 10
Ford, Jesse M. Co. E/ 11th Tenn. Inf. 10
Gardner, Cullen Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 12
Gardner, JC. Cobbs Ky. Light Artillery 12
Gholson, Dr. John A. Co.G/l4th Tenn. Inf. 7
Gibbons, Robert E. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 4
Gold, Lewis T. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Goosetree, Rufus 2
Gracey, Frank Patton Co.B/l4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Green, William H. Tenn. CSA Tax Collector 5
Halliburton, Turner Co.A/ 1st Ky. Cav. 9
Harris, Joseph J. Co.F/25th Miss. Inf. 3
Harris, Mercer J. Co.C/49th Tenn. Inf 3
Henry, Gustavus A. Co.G/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
Henry, Gustavus A., Jr. Co.C/42nd Tenn. Inf. 5
Henry, John F. Co.C/ 3rd Ky. Cav. 5
Henry, Patrick Co.G/ 3rd Ky. Cav. 5
Henry, Thomas F. Co.G/ 7th Ky. Cav. 5
Hermon, John H. Co.C/l4th Tenn. Inf. 10
Herndon, Thomas Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 5
Holleman, Granville 8
Holloway, George W. Co.A/lOth Tenn. Inf. 9
Hughes, Thomas M. Co.E/5Oth Tenn. Inf. 3
Hurst, John Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 8
Jackson, Richard W. Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 3
James, Barclay A. 3
Johnson, James Hickman Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
Johnson, Polk Grundy Co.K/ 1st Ky. Inf. 5
Johnson, Thomas D. 5
Jones, John W. 9
Keesee, Robert J. Co.B/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
Kennedy, David Newton Tenn. CSA Tax Collector 5
Kerr, William Morris Co.A/ 1st Ky. Cav. 5
Kincannon, David Co.F/25th Miss. Inf. 3
Leigh, James B. Co.C/49th Tenn. Inf. 9
Lovelace, Rev. N.O. Co.G/l4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Lowe, John S. Co.C/42nd Tenn. Inf. 12
Luckett, Thomas Co.C/ 3rd Ky. Cav. 9
Lurton, Charles W. Co.G/ 3rd Ky. Cav. 4
Lurton, Horace H. Co.G/ 7th Ky. Cav. 7
Madole, Benjamin F. Co.C/l4th Tenn. Inf. 3
Marklin, Henry G. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 1
Martin, George D. 1
Martin, William J. Co.I/5th Tenn. Cav 17 b. 8-31-1828 d. 6-18-1914
McCabe, Thomas Co.A/lOth Tenn. Inf. 9
McCauley, G.B. Co.E/5Oth Tenn. Inf. 5
McCauley, W.A. Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 5
McCulloch, Robert E. Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 2
McKoin, J.N. 3
McManus, Thomas Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 3
Merritt, Henry Clay Co.K/ 1st Ky. Inf. 7
Minor, John Co.B/lOth Cav. 4
Moore, John Daniel Co.E/5Oth Inf. 7
Moseley, James E. Co.K/49th Inf. 1
Munford, William Co.A/49th Inf. 2
Munford, William Co.H/l4th Inf 5
Neblett, John Hatcher Co. B/44th Miss. Ingf 2
Neblett, Jones D. Co. H/14th Tenn. Inf. 5
Neblett, Josiah R. Co.A/ 1st (Fields) Artillery 10
Page, Beverly S. Co. E/8th Ky. Cav. 12
Pardue, George M. Co. G/42nd Tenn. Inf. 2
Perryman, Robert Co.A/14th Tenn. Inf. 9
Pettus, Stephen L. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 6
Pollard, James W. Co.B/15th Ky. Inf. 7
Ramey, Jacob K. Co.A/50th Tenn. Inf. 3
Richmond, W.B. 5
Robb, Alfred Co.L/49th Tenn. Inf. 5
Rogers, Dr. John G. Co.A/1 1 th Tenn. Inf. 11
Rosson, Joseph S. Co.F/1 1 th Tenn. Inf. 9
Rudolph, Thomas C. Co.K/1 4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Rudolph, William H. Co.F/49th Tenn. Inf. 3
Scales, Joseph W. 7
Schrodt, John H. Akers Heavy Artillary 9
Scott, Daniel W. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 2
Sears, Rev. Achilles D. 3
Shaw, Benjamin F. Co.K/49th Tenn. Inf.  7
Shelby, Dr. William A. Co.B/l4th Tenn. Inf.  7
Smith, Alphonzo F. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 1
Smith, Belford Duke Co.B/ 2nd Ky. Cav. 10
Smith, Thomas H. Co.H/49th Tenn. Inf. 8
Solomon, James S. Co.H/l4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Stacker, Clay Co.A/ 2nd Ky. 5
Staton, Charles W. Co.A/ 2nd Ky. Cav. 2
Tarpley, Robert Co.G/ 1st Tenn. Art. 3
Taylor, J.J. Morgans Cavalry 9
Townesend, S.E. Co.E/22nd Va. Inf. 9
Trawick, Dr. A.M. Co.F/l6th Ark. Inf. 2
Trotter, John William Co.A/5Oth Tenn. Inf. 11
Tyler, Charles W. Co.E/5Oth Tenn. Inf. 6
Walker, Robert H. Co.E/l9th Tenn. Inf. 2
Walsh, James Co.K/ 6th La. Inf. 2
Waithall, Thomas W. Co.A/l4th Tenn. Inf. 11
Weaver , John Perry Co. A/28th Tenn. Inf. 9
Wells, James H. Co.A/49th Tenn. Inf. 3
West, Mercer Co.A/ 2nd Ky. Cav. 9
Williams, David Walker Co.G/l4th Tenn. Inf. 6
Williams, Gabriel Long Co. D/2nd Ky. Cav. 6
Williams, Joseph B. Co.B/l4th Tenn. Inf. 8
Williams, Joseph B. Co.E/lOth Tenn. Inf. 2
Williams, Nannie Haskins Diarist 8
Winn, Richard M. Co.K/l4th Tenn. Inf. 8
Withers, James H. Co.E/ 8th Ky. Cav. 9
Woodson, Thomas S. Co.G/ 3rd Ky. Cav. 4
Wright, Dr. Daniel F. Co.F/l4th Tenn. Inf. 9
Yancy, Thomas L. Co.F/ 2nd Ky. Cav. 8

Note:  This listing is not complete.  We continue to find more Confederate soldiers buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  This list is due to a lot of hard work from both members of the United Daughers and Sons of Confederate Verterans.  Randy Rubel compiler.

Submitted by Randy Rubel