John Chester, Sr.

Montgomery County, Tennesse Wills and Records, Vol. R, Page 37

Item 1.  I give and beguest to my beloved wife Sarah Chester,
during the term of her natural life, or widowhood, the sum of one
hundred dollars ($100) a year, to be paid to her by my executors
annually, out of the proceeds of my estate and I moreover give to
her one bed, bedstead and bed furniture, with one horse, one
saddle and trunk.

Item the heirs of the body of my son, John Chester junior
one hundred acres off of the east end of my tract of land in dist. 4
in this county, and to include the house and improvements in which
he lived previous to his death.  After my death three disinterested
commissioner's to value land..object being...that each of the heirs
may have as near an equal portion of my estate as possible.  Land
must be valued as woodland entirely disregarding improvements
made by son, John dec'd.  My son John's widow, Elizabeth K. is to
hold and occupy the 100ac with improvements during her natural
lifetime or widowhood.  If she is dispossed of land before
youngest child is of age, county court to appoint guardian to hold
property for benefit of the heirs.

Item the heirs of the body of my son, Levi L. Chester, the
tract of land whereon he now lives.  The said Levi L. or his wife
during the term of their natural life, respectively, is to have and to
hold the same as guardian for the heirs of Levi L. Chester's body
aforesaid.  The profits of the land aforesaid are given to the said
Levi L. Chester or his wife and in no case shall either be
dispossessed of the same during the term of their natural live
without the consent of all parties interested and those of lawful
age.  Disinterested person shall value land.

Item 4....heirs of the body of Henry J. Chester, dec'd when they
become of age or when either of them marry, he or she shall have
his or her part of the following amount viz, an amount in cash
equal to the cash value of the land willed to the heirs of the body
of John Chester dec'd or to Levi L. Chester.  Value to be
established as in item 2.  The heirs of Henry J. Chester shall after
my death choose a guardian according to law, to take charge of
the money as guardian for their benefit...If any of the heirs die
before they become of age or get married the amt they are
entitled to while living goes to remaining heirs of Henry J. Chester

Item 5...My grandson Saline Dailey, son of Thomas Dailey and his
wife Susan Dailey...equal in value to the land willed to the heirs of
John Chester dec'd or to Levi L. Chester, ascertained in the same
manner as item 2.  After my death the said minor Saline Dailey
shall choose a guardian.  Should the said revert back to my heirs
and be divided pro rata between them all.

Item 6...After my death the balance of my land is to be sold on the
following terms one third cash and the other two thirds in one and
two years.

Item 7...After my death my personal property is to be sold to
highest bidder on twelve months time with good security.  All
claims to be collected.  Pay just debts.

William Overton & son Levi L. Chester, exec.
12 day of Feb 1866
John Chester Seal
Witnesses:W. Singleton, A.J. Wooten, S.J. Taylor.
Probated Nov term 1869
Bond for Levi $25,000.00

Submitted by Pat McAlpine

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