Located at Old Swift Burying Grounds located at the Old Sam Broome Home Place.  It is on the
Southside of the Cumberland River at Palmyra in District 18.  Information by Bill Bartee
December 1992.

GRAHAM, R. M. (Dr.)(1882-1933)
GRAHAM, Winnie Swift (1884-1964)

SWIFT, John Robert (Sgt. WWII)(March 27, 1913-March 14, 1980)
SWIFT, Albert R. (Jan. 10, 1876-Dec. 11, 1937)
SWIFT, Robert (Aug. 28, 1843-March 13, 1908)

MYERS, Grace Batson Swift (Jan. 27, 1894-July 26, 1980)

SWIFT, Oscar J. (Jan. 16, 1878-March 21, 1949)

BROOME, Robert (Bob) James (husband of Ollie Broome)(Oct. 11, 1906-Dec. 12, 1953)

WEAVER, Mary E. Broome (March 11, 1902-April 17, 1978)

BROOME, Tennie Swift (Feb. 28, 1878-Aug. 12, 1955)

SWIFT, Robert C. (1879-1935)
SWIFT, Nannie (mother)(1887-?)

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Department Supervisor, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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