Cemetery between Appleton and Liberty Church Road on wooded area off road.  Located 2000.

--------, Consort of  (July 16, 1808-)
WRAY, Joseph (1808-May 3, 1847)
WRAY, Susan K. (daughter) (died 1842)
WRAY, son of  (born 1862)
WRAY, Catherine  (July 10, 1882-only date)
HAMMOND, JohnM. (1862-1882)
all the stones except for Joseph Wray were broken.
Moved from Mason Cemetery (Ft. Campbell)

WHITE, Ellis (Mrs.) (February 1886-February 27, 1937)
WHITE, Howard (September 23, 1910-September 23, 1911)
Nine unknown graves moved from J. G. Childers farm in Fort Campbell)

ANDERSON, Luther (1850-March 3, 1871)
ANDERSON, Celia (October 4, 1774-January 2, 1877)
Five Unknown moved from AndresonCemetery (Ft. Campbell)

MEACHAM, no name (Mr.) (no dates)
MEACHAM, 3 children (no names)
Three unknown moved from Whitfield Cemetery (Ft. Campbell)

DAVIE, Kindal, Dr. (April 7, 1798-July 19, 1831)
Ten unknown moved from Davie Cemetery (Ft. Campbell)

RIVES, William M. (December 12, 1840-December 10, 1863)
RIVES, Eleanor P. (February 20, 1820-June 21, 1881)
RIVES, Willie (August 6, 1870-August 6, 1870)
Moved from Bessie A. Taylor farm (Ft. Campbell)

ROGERS, Armistead T. (1795-1847)
ROGERS, Susan B. (died October 22, 1843)
ROGERS, Georgia B. (died July 18, 1836)
McNEILL, Benjamine (no dates)
Fifty-six Uknown graves moved from Mrs. Bettie Riggins Farm (Ft. Campbell)

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Department Supervisor, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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