Copied by Jo Ann Stone and Kathy Allbritten, September 1992.

DOTSON, Rosie (no dates--homeade stone)

MARALY, Richard (Aug. 1, 1918-Aug. 8, 1918)
MARALY, Amy (1857-1907)(mother)

UNKNOWN, Estella (Mrs.)(1888-1958)(broken metal marker Foston Funeral Home)

JOHNSON, James D. (Nov. 21, 1914-Aug. 28, 1936)
JOHNSON, Hubert (Dec. 18, 1902-Jan. 12, 1969)
JOHNSON, Maggie Bell Marie (1898-1986)(Foston marker)

STEWART, Hattie (Feb. 24, 1884-April 15, 1929)
STEWART, J. W., Rev. (Sept. 6, 1881-Dec. 28, 1927)

BAGWELL, Matilda (1889-1903)

HUNTER, Ernestine (Aug. 20, 1910-April 24, 1912)

BAGWELL, Andy (March 13, 1881-Jan. 25, 1926)

COBB, Sarah (March 13, 1881-Jan. 25, 1926)

HUNTER, Willie D. (July 23, 1922-March 12, 1935)
HUNTER, Johnie B. (WWI)(1891-1978)

COBB, Augusta (1890-1950)(Roberts marker)
COBB, Joe (1857-1909)

BAGWELL, Howard (1901-1910)
BAGWELL, Jacob (Dec. 28, 1867-June 23, 1927)(h)
BAGWELL, Maggie (1885-1928)(w)
BAGWELL, Milton Wesley (Feb. 27, 1876-Oct. 28, 1943)

COBB, Ada Blackwell (May 1879-Sept. 1964)(metal marker)

NICHOLSON, Charlie (1892-1967)(metal marker)

BLACKWELL, Henry (1818-1887)(h)*
BLACKWELL, Lucy (1832-1905)(w)*

WILLIAMS, Lucy (March 15, 1884-Nov. 12, 1941)
WILLIAMS, Walter (May 12, 1883-Dec. 8, 1955)
WILLIAMS, Annie Majors (Sept. 15, 1882-Dec. 12, 1953)(mother)

HUNTER, Birdie (1874-1967)(sunken tomb)*
HUNTER, Toney (Oct. 1, 1870-July 18, 1959)*

HARRISON, Howard (July 1, 1894-)(only one date)*
HARRISON, Annie May (June 6, 1900-April 28, 1967)*

DOTSON, Zetta B. (1932-1972)(Foston marker)

BELL, Katie T. (Mrs.) (Dec. 1910-July 1967)(metal markers)

TRAMILL, Randolph (baby)(19640(Foston marker)

LESLIE, no name (Mr.) (1914-1961)(metal marker)

MOCKABEE, Harris (no dates, metal marker)

MALLORY, no name (1910-1968)(metal marker)

GARRETT, Roberta "Birdie" Pace (died May 28, 1967, age 87)

NICHOLSON, Robert Lee (1930-1948)

HUNTER, Melvin (Feb. 6, 1878-Nov. 6, 1953)*
HUNTER, Mary (June 26, 1877-March 5, 1963)*

WEST, George (no other information, metal marker)
WEST, Ane (no dates, metal marker)

MOCKABEE, Rudolph (May 6, 1883-Nov. 6, 1939)

MALLORY, Pauline C. (Mrs.) (1912-1972)(Foston marker)
MALLORY, no name (1907-1980)(metal marker)

MARTIN, Anna (Jan. 7, 1898-Jan. 22, 1991)(Broady marker)

JOHNSON, Esau N. (1908-1987)(metal marker)

MOCKABEE, Kittie (Sept. 15, 1891-Nov. 20, 1967)

MALLORY, Sallie R. (Oct. 5, 1911-Sept. 3, 1959)

NICHOLSON, Robert H. (WWI Army)(Oct. 8, 1895-April 8, 1980)
NICHOLSON, Leander (Aug. 10, 1910-Feb. 13, 1981)(Hooker marker)*
NICHOLSON, Pearlie M. (Jan. 27, 1913-)*

WARFIELD, Robert Lynn (1987)(only date, Foston marker)

JORDAN, Larry Darnell II (July 19, 1989-Sept. 29, 1989)(Foston marker)

JOHNSON, Charles Ray (Army Korea)(1932-1991)

FOSTON, Maggie M. (1919-1972)(Foston marker)

WALKER, Jimmy (died May 3, 1977-age 3 years)(Roberts marker)

BAGWELL, Margaree (1830-1979)(Foston marker)
BAGWELL, Roy Henry (1906-1988)(Foston marker)

HUNTER, Courtland (1906-1980)(Foston marker)

COBB, Lucy Bell (Mrs.)(1910-1984)(Foston marker)

metal marker, not readable

NICHOLS, Nannie M. (1905-1986)(Foston marker)

LUCAS, Linda Majors (1966-1992)(Foston marker)

MAJORS, Virgie E. (1944-1983)(Foston marker)
MAJORS, Hattie Lorene (1945-1984)(Foston marker)
MAJORS, John E. (1953-1984)(Foston marker)

Foston funeral home marker--no information

handmade stone--no information

PARDUE, Isadella (Sept, 30, 1919-Sept. 3, 1988)

*This cemetery is in poor condition. Many unmarked graves.

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Department Supervisor, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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