STEPHEN MALLORY CEMETERY - Ft. Campbell cemetery #C103, Jordan Springs Road, at the end of the Camp Hinsch obstacle course (N36°35'0.18", W87°29'8.13")


Stephen Mallory   born June 17, 1766  died May 12, 1835


Lorainah, wife of Steph. Mallory  born  March 5, 1772  died Sept. 19, 1846


Sacred to the memory of Miss Lorinah S. Mallory, who departed this life Sept. 22nd 1831, in the 20th year of her age.

    Short was my time,

    And strong was my pain,

    To rest in Christ is now my gain.

    Dry up your tears

    And weep no more,

    I am not lost,

    But gone to rest.

2 or 3 unmarked graves