HAYNES CEMETERY

Behind old brick house near Cunningham Lake off Lake Road. Copied in 1984 by Bill and
Margaret Moore Buckner. All these markers but one were found by the Buckners, broken on the
ground and covered with several inches of leaves, dirt, and graveyard ivy.

HAYNES, Thomas (Aug. 21, 1822-Sept. 8, 1903)
HAYNES, Mary J. (Elliott) (April 2, 1832-Sept. 8, 1903)

MOORE, Thomas C. (June 3, 1785, in Chapel Hill, N.C.-May 29, 1836)

     FLETCHER, Henrietta (Moore) (May 20, 1787 in Orange County, N.C.-Oct. 11, 1845)(former
     wife of T.C. Moore)

O'NEAL, William (Aug. 7, 1819-Nov. 14, 1865)
     O'NEAL, Bascom (infant son of William and Caroline Moore O'Neal)(Sept. 20, 1851-Nov. 15,
(O'NEAL), Arthur Hust (Oct. 13, 1855-Sept. 28, 1856)

BAYLISS, Josiah H. (son of J. and N. Bayliss)(June 25, 1836-June 3, 1857)
(BAYLISS), John T. (August 7, 1833-Sept. 7, 1857)

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Department Supervisor, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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