HAMPTON CEMETERY

Located at Kirkwood Road in Hampton Station in District 1.  This is as Black cemetery.
Research by Emily M. Smith.  These are Ms. Smith's ancestors.

HAMPTON, Annie Mae (June 16, 1888-Oct. 3, 1978)
HAMPTON, Albert Buckner, Jr. (July 2, 1891-Aug. 1, 1953)
HAMPTON, Frankie (Nov. 1857-from 1900 Census-died Aug. 1, ---)
HAMPTON, Dick (Aug. 1842-1900 Census-died July 10, 1922, age 97) This is inaccurate.  He
was 70.

BRONAUGH, Jeff (died Feb. 22, 1920--age 82)

NEWELL, Daisy M. (daughter of Mary Hampton Chiles)(1926-1981)

HAMPTON, Daisy Bowers (wife of Amber Hampton) (Feb. 24, 1928--age 24)

TYLER, Jessie (Jan. 3, 1963--only date)

TOWNSEND, William (July 22, 1936-1952)

HAMPTON, Annie Mae (1919--only date)

FOSTON, William, Jr. (1909-1979)

MALLORY, Janie L. (July 14, 1945--only date)

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Department Supervisor, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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