On Law Road in District 8.  Take US 79 west from Clarksville.  Turn south (left) on to Dotsonville Road.  Continue to Central Chapel UMC (about 7 miles) and take right form (Moore Hollow Raod).  Turn left on to Law Road (1/2 to 3/4 mile).  It is on Dr. and Mrs. William Steeley's farm at the end of the road. Compiled by Timothy and Pamela J. Mohon and Cleo Hogan April 4, 1992.

PREUITT, Jeanette E. (Sept. 18, 1832-June 8, 1887)
PREUITT, John Doak (May 10, 1828-May 29, 1890)
PREUITT, Malissa E. (Oct. 15, 1826-Oct. 15, 1860)

TRICE, Nancy (wife of John) (died March 22, 1857, age 64 years)

LYLE, Emelly (sic) Cordonia (dau. of Berry & Ally Ann Lyle)(June 12, 1856-Oct.1, 1857)
LYLE, Henry Judson (son of Berry & Alley Ann Lyle)(Feb. 9, 1857-July 19, 1857)

3 field stones, no inscriptions

CUTHBERTSON, William C. (son of Thomas & E.)(Oct. 7, 1851-April 7, 1852)
CUTHBERTSON, Mary F. (dau. of Thomas & E.)(Feb. 12, 1839-June 14, 1866)
LYLE, Ally Ann (wife of Berry)(Feb. 12, 1839-June 14, 1866)

HESTER, James H. (Feb. 25, 1815-Oct. 3, 1899)(h)
HESTER, Elizabeth (Dec. 10, 1822-Nov. 15, 1890)(w)

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Dept. Supervisor , Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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