Go to the Commercial Strawberry Patch on the way to Clarksville, about 5 miles going East from
Palmyra on left side of highway.  District 18.  Information from Bill Bartee, December 1992.

CHANNELL, Paul C. (son of E.N.S. Mullin Channell)(Oct. 28, 1898-March 23. 1899)
CHANNELL, Aletha T. Smith (wife of M.W.)(April 10, 1834-Jan. 28, 1917)
CHANNELL, Eather (dau. of M.W. & A.)(March 14, 1856-July 20, 1880)
CHANNELL, John Robert (March 16, 1852-March 3, 1913)
CHANNELLL, Henry (son of M.W. & A.)(Feb. 8, 1879-Feb. 8, 1880)
CHANNELL, Charlie S. (son of M.W. & A.)(Feb. 8, 1879-Feb. 4, 1880)
*NOTE There were more markers, but were not recorded by Mr. Bartee.

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Dept. Supervisor , Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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