Copied by Timothy Mohon, July 29, 1994.
Cemetery is owned by St. Paul AME Church in the Oakwood community.  Leaving Clarksville on US Highway 79 West, go to the Oakwood Community and turn left on Indian Mound Road.  Go about 0.4 mile to St. Paul Rpad.  Continue on St. Paul Road 1.8 mile, take a right on to St. Paul Cemetery Road.  Road dead-ends at cemetery, about 0.25 from St. Paul Road.

OVERTON, Luther (TENN Pvt. Army WWI) (Feb. 26, 1896-March 23, 1971)
OVERTON, Josephine (1935-1964-funeral home marker)

GIVENS, Allen (1940-only date)

field stone, no names or dates

JOHNSON, Temple (no dates)

GIVENS, Lizzy (no dates)
GIVENS, Lee (no dates)

PHELPS, Beatrice (June 29, 1917-Oct. 15, 1918)
PHELPS, Roy T. (June 8, 1912-Sept. 14, 1914)
PHELPS, Lula (1935-only date)
PHELPS, Eddie (1960-only date)

3 field stones

RADCLIFFE, Tommy (June 16, 1896-June 13, 1984)*
RADCLIFFE, Nellie H. (July 5, 1910-)*

unmarked grave

 WILLIAMS, James Andrew, Sr. (Army WWI, Co F,802 Pioneer Infantry, Argonne,  France)
     (Nov. 15, 1891-Jan. 28, 1992)

WILLIAMS, Leah F. (March 10, 1895-April 20, 1948)

field stone

WILLIAMS, James A., Jr. (Jan. 20, 1926-Nov. 26, 1990)

funeral home marker--Ellis Mills Burial Bureau Club (died 1945-age 67 years)

8 field stones and 1 unmarked grave

LEDFORD, James (1846-1915) (husband)*
LEDFORD, Mary (1854-1932) (wife-married Jan. 5, 1871)*
LEDFORD, James A. (broken piece of stone, could be same as above)

ROGERS, Thelma (1910-1918)

PRICE, Willie (no dates)

CHILTON, James (Aug. 25, 1983-Aug. 3, 1959)*
CHILTON, Sallie L. (Dec. 7, 1900-July 23, 1964)*

POINDEXTER, baby (1965-funeral home marker)

CHILTON, Leila Thomas (wife of James Chilton) (Aug. 14, 1887-Nov. 14, 1917)

MARTIN, George W. (TENN Pvt 4411 Quartermaster Service Co., WWII) (Oct. 30, 1934-
            Feb. 24, 1954)

MORRISON, Addie, Mrs. (died June 8, 1942, age 59-1901?-this is on stone)

funeral home marker, no names or dates

HORN, Lucy (no dates)
HORN, Birdie (no dates)

no name, Wence (no dates)

field stone

BELLAMY, Lucy (no dates)

unmarked grave

2 field stones

HORN, Emma (1868-1895)

field stone

DUDLEY, Joel (Pfc. Army WWII) (1920-1983)

WILLIAMS, Beatrice (1918-1980)

COOKS, Alfonzo (PFC Army) (Dec. 31, 1940-Oct. 7, 1967)

LEDFORD, Ezzie (no dats

2 unmarked graves

OVERTON, Edward (1892-1927)
OVERTON, Lottie (1898-1992)

Hooker Funeral Home marker

CAUDLE, Sarah (1917-only date)

OVERTON, Howard (1895-1965)
OVERTON, James M. (1926-1959)

MARSHALL, Mabel (1901-1983)

LASCO, Lula M. (1910-1991-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

MORRIS, Willie, Mr. (1926-1988-Hooker Funeral Home marker)
MORRIS, Dorothy (1928-1988-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

MILAN, Theadora (1902-1927)

LASCO, Les (1927-only date)
LASCO, Cora (1949-only date)

HORN, Lurton (1891-1977-Hooker Funeral Home marker)
HORN, James W. (TENN STM1, Navy WWII) (July 23, 1923-Feb. 11, 1973)

LASCO, Eliza (1949-only date; funeral home marker gives dates as 1871-1955)

HORN, Mack (1933-only date)

LASCO, Willie (1952-only date)

ELDRIDGE, Florence (1893-1974-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

ANGLIN, Flvin [sic], Sr. (no dates)
ANGLIN, Reuben (no dates-funeral home marker)

funeral home marker

BREWER, Clottie (no dates)

PARHAM, John L. (1959-1869 [sic])
PARHAM, William (1845-1910)*
PARHAM, Josephine (1849-1906)*

HORN, Charles R. (1954-1955)
HORNE, Delois (Jan. 8, 1934-only date)

unkarked grave

DUDLEY, Ora (died Dec. 17, 195?, age 67-funeral home marker)

HITE, Howard L. (1927-1958-Foston Funeral Home marker)
HITE, Lonnie and Ronnie (1959-only date, Hooker Funeral Home marker)
HITE, Dequinda R. (1984-1984-Hooker Funeral Home marker)
HITE, Patricia Louise (Feb. 19, 1979; Hooker marker reads 1979-1979)
HITE, Marvin, baby (1963-only date, funeral home marker)

STOWE, Frances (no dates)
STOWE, Richard (no dates)

GRIFFEY, (1912-1957)

broken stone, unreadable

STOWE, Willard (1924-1979-Hooker Funeral Home marker)
STOWE, Joel (Oct. 16, 1913-Jan. 23, 1981)*
STOWE, Bertha M. (Dec. 12, 1923-)*

HORNE, Earline B. (Dec. 7, 1901-) (wife-married Jan. 21, 1923)*
HORNE, Wiley M. (June 1, 1901-Sept. 20, 1984) (husband)*
HORNE, Perry L. (PFC Army, Korea) (Dec. 21, 1929-Feb. 16, 1988)
HORNE, Ellis  (1909-1982-Hooker Funeral Home marker)
HORN, Joe (1906-1988-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

unmarked grave

STONE, Frank (1934-only date)
STONE, Helen (1899-only date)
STONE, Robert L. (1938-only date)
STONE, Nebraska (1936-only date)

JOHNSON, Herschell (1953-only date)
JOHNSON, Mary E. (1905-1983-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

ELLIOTT twins (1959-only date)

BAYNHAM, Frank (1959-only date)

unmarked grave

KENDRICK, Lawrence (1902-1988-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

COUCH, Jewel W. (Oct. 13, 1930-March 14, 1994-Smith Brothers Funeral Home marker,

Funeral home marker

GIVENS, William (Oct. 1893-Oct. 1963-funeral home marker)

BREWER, Marilyn D. (1958-1990-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

FRAZIER, Clayborn (1889-1980-Hooker Funeral Home marker)
FRAZIER, Addie B. (1896-1988-Hooker Funeral Home marker)

unmarked grave

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Dept. Supervisor , Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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