BLANTON CEMETERY

This cemetery has a Virtual View submitted by Thomas Murff

Located on Hinton Road in District 3.  Recorded by Greg Poole, 1993.

DAVIS, Charlie W. (Feb. 2, 1893-July 11, 1955)
DAVIS, Essie (born March 31, 1894-)

GRAHAM, A. E. (March 18, 1868-March 17, 1911)

BLANTON, Margaret J. (dau. of G.A. & A.E. Graham)(June 2, 1890-Aug. 16, 1914)

HEWS, M. J. (Oct. 15, 1845-Nov. 8, 1904

GRAHAM, Love A. (1888-1941)
GRAHAM, Cynthia (wife of W.M. Graham)(1874-1942)

NANNEY, W. N. (born July 17, 1851-)(h)
NANNEY, Sarah Frances (March 13, 1852-July 3, 1913)(w)
NANNEY, Lena (footstone only)
NANNEY, Zeddie (footstone only)

BLANTON, G. E. (no dates)
BLANTON, Sallie M. (Dec. 27, 1852-June 12, 1927)
BLANTON, Henry (April 10, 1837-Nov. 23, 1911)
BLANTON, Martha Avery (June 30, 1875-May 2, 1904)
BLANTON, Daisy (born/died April 19, 1887)
BLANTON, Martha (1804-April 19, 1887)

STEWART, W. J. (July 2, 1849-May 21, 1871)

POWELL, Joseph (died Feb.15, 1905)(father)
POWELL, Rebecca (died May 4, 1904)(mother)

BAGWELL, Nicholas Robert (died April 30, 1947, aged 73 years, 10 months, 22 days)

BURTON, Drane (no dates)

DYCE, Robert (no dates)
DYCE, Dean (no dates)
DYCE, Love Lee (no dates)
DYCE, Betty (no dates)

Donated by Tim Pulley, Reference and Genealogy Dept. Supervisor , Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library, The Brown Harvey, Sr. Genealogy Room

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