The Birtite
Burt High School Yearbook

Cover of 1946- The Birtite The Faculty
Dedication Dedication 2
Petty Officer Vann Names
Names Names
Names Contents
Burt High School Administrative Staff
Seniors Seniors
Seniors Seniors
Seniors Seniors
Seniors Class History
Class Prophecy Class Prophecy continued
Class Will Class Will continued
Reserved for Juniors 11 A B Class
Freshman Class Freshman Class History
9 A B Grade 9 C D Grade
Grades VIII
Grades VII Grade VI
Grade IV Grade V
Grades III and IV Grades II and III
Grades I and II Burt Nursery School
Activities Calendar
Activity Groups Scouts
Chorus Boys Glee Club and Quartet
Societies Homemakers and Future Farmers
Girls Glee Club Athletes
Boys Basketball Girls Basketball
Girls and Boys Junior Basketball Boys Football
Features Miss Burt High
Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl
Most Popular Girl- Elementary School Most Popular Boy- Elementary School
Busfrivers and Safety Patrol First Room
Home Ec Department Cafeteria Staff and Clinic
Elementary School Assembly High School Assembly
Janitors Collage #1
Collage #2 Advertisements
Boosters Advertisements
Advertisements Advertisements
Advertisements Advertisements

These pages are contributed by Sandra Stacey.

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