Peart, B. R.  (c. 1813 – 1866)

SENATE, 34th (Reconstruction) General Assembly; representing Montgomery, Robertson, and Stewart counties; Unionist; served from beginning of first session, Apr 5, 1865, to death, Jan 13, 1966. A special election to fill vacancy resulted in election of Cave Johnson whom Senate refused to seat because, among other reasons, “his weight of character and influence was given in behalf of the rebellion” and “he is not a qualified voter under the Franchise law of 1865”; seat remained vacant for remainder of term. A native of Kentucky, exact place and date of birth unknown; name of wife unknown; she died before 1860, leaving a daughter, Ophelia, and a son, Columbus. Senator Peart was a stone mason by trade; was one of the incorporators of the Tennessee River Mining Co., 1865. His strong Union views were reflected in his Senate Joint Resolution No. 94, resolving: “That all persons who voted willingly on the 8th day of June, 1861, for Separation and Representation are now, and will ever be looked upon as infamous by all loyal men in this State; that it fixes a stain upon them which is indelible and must remain upon them forever.” Peart died in Montgomery County Jan 13, 1866; place of burial [not] determined.

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Biographies submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson, Montgomery County Archivist

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