Kimble, Herbert S.  (c.1803 -   -?-  )

HOUSE, 28th General Assembly, 1849-51; representing Montgomery and Robertson counties; Whig. Native of Tennessee, exact date and place of birth, names of parents, and extent of schooling not determined. Was married, but name of wife and date and place of marriage not indicated; children, in 1860, were:  J. E., Junicus, Richard, Almyra, Mattie, and Edwin; a daughter, Sue C., married Dr. D. G. Simmonds, of Robertson County. Was in practice of law at Clarksville, Montgomery County, as early as 1833 and as late as 1860; at one time chairman of Montgomery County Bar Association. Elected county judge Apr 5, 1852 and continued in office until Federals occupied Clarksville in Feb 1862. Date of death and place of burial not determined.

Sources: [omitted]

[Additional information from Biographical Directory of the Tennessee General Assembly, Vol I, 1796-1861. Robert M. McBride, editor. TSLA & THC, 1975.  ". . . probably the son of John and Margaret Lloyd (Hogan) Kimble who were married in Orange County, North Carolina, in 1794, and moved to Montgomery County in 1796. Married Martha S., maiden name and place and date of marriage not found; . .  ."
Sources: Beach, Along the Warioto, US Census, 1860, Montgomery County; information supplied by Cleo G. Hogan, Clarksville.]

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