Huling, Frederick W.  (  -?-  -  -?-  )

HOUSE, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th General Assemblies, 1825-35; representing Montgomery County; Speaker of House in 19th and 20th sessions. Date and place of birth, names of parents, and extent of schooling not determined; educated for the law and was in practice at Clarksville, Montgomery County, in 1834; retired from bar at undetermined date because of political interests. Served as solicitor for Montgomery County, 1816-17; made justice of the peace and member of county court, 1817; on first board of aldermen for Clarksville, 1819; in 1823 was clerk and master, Court of Equity, 5th Judicial Circuit, also clerk of Superior Court of Errors and Appeals; one of incorporators of Red River Bridge Co., 1818; an incorporator of Clarksville Academy, 1825; deeded to town of Clarksville, 1821, lot no. 140 for site of public school. Nothing to indicate he was ever married. Date of death and place of burial not determined.

Sources: Beach, Along the Warioto, 69, 75, 76, 108, 138, 158, 160; Titus, Picturesque Clarksville, 23; Minutes Montgomery County Court, Vol 7, 1816-17, pp 207, 224, 233; Nashville Whig, July 28, Dec l, 1823.

Biographies submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson, Montgomery County Archivist

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