Drew, John  ( -?-   -   -?-  )

HOUSE OF COMMONS, North Carolina General Assembly, 1789; representing Tennessee County, to later become Montgomery and Robertson counties. Little has been found on this representative. He was justice of the peace in Northampton County, NC, in 1749; commissioner of Brunswick County, NC, 1777; came to Tennessee country before 1789; owned land on Goose Creek on Big Barren River, above that of Elias Fort; also owned 640 acres on waters of Sulphur Fork in what became Robertson County, this sold for taxes in 1803.

Sources:  North Carolina Colonial Records, Vol 4, p 966; Vol 4, p 148; Vol 2, pp 194, 196; Robertson County Minute Book No 1, 1796-1807, pp 278, 288.

Biographies submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson, Montgomery County Archivist

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