Bell, William ( ? - ? )

HOUSE, 3rd General Assembly, 1799-1801, representing Montgomery County. He was the son of George and Nancy Bell. He was commissioned first major in the Montgomery County regiment, Tenn. Militia, May 14, 1800. One of two citizens receiving plot of land to become the public "Burying Ground," first cemetery at Clarksville. He moved to Nashville, Davidson County, at undetermined date. No further positive information found on Representative Bell. There was a William Bell commissioned lieut. In the 19th regiment, Tenn. Militia, Davidson County, June 6, 1808; a William Bell was commissioned capt. In the 28th regiment, Tenn. Militia, Bedford County, Nov. 23, 1810. Not known whether either was Representative William Bell.

Sources: Titus, Picturesque Clarksville, 274; Moore, Records of Commissions of Officers in the Tenn. Militia, 25, 54, 87; Beach, Along the Warioto, 151.

Biographies submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson, Montgomery County Archivist