Of the members of Bethlehem Church, Tennessee Conference, Clarksville District, Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Bethlehem Methodist Church is located on McAdoo Creek in the l5th district of Montgomery Co. The 1and was donated to the trustees of the church 5 September 1836. Trustees at the time were Drury Bagwell, William J, McCauley, Willie Bagwell, John Smith, Edward Cage, Benj. Hewitt. and Evan Swift. The deed calls for two acres on “which stands a house of worship known as Bethlehem Church”. This would indicate that the church was established at some time prior to this date. The cemetery adjacent to the church has stones dating from 1821.  One of the church members told the editor that “the old timers” said there was a church there before Bethlehem. If any additional information concerning the date of establishment can bo found, it will be reported in a later issue. The following roster of members is the oldest list in existence.———Ed.


John C. Putman          October 1880     two years
W. G. Hensley              October 1882     two years
H. S. McBride              October 1884   . one year
O. G. Haliburton           October 1885     two years
J. J. Comer                   October 1887      four years
Bluford W. Dodson      October 1891     two years
J. T. Blackwood           October 1893
W. T. S. Cook             October 1894     one year
John S. Rice .               October 1895  - two years
T. W. Noland               October 1897     three years
J. W. Cullom                October 1900     one year
P. D. Gardner .             October 1901

Adams, T. J.             Transferred  by letter
Adams, Nannie         Transferred -  letter
Bagwell, J. W.           Died
Bagwell, Jas. W. .     Transferred
Bagwell, Elizabeth     Transferred
Bagwell, Martha A. D
Bright, Mary A.         Transferred
Brown, Jos N.           Died
Brown, Josephine      Died
Bigger, Victoria F.     Transferred
Burney, Mattie           Died .
Blackwell, Nannie  J. Married Dec. 23, 188S
Burney, Sarah A.       Died
Bagwe1l, Dora          Rec. into church Sept 1883 by W. G. Hensley-died
Blanks, Eliza
Brown, C. A.            Rec. into church May 20, 1888 by letter-  removed Nov 1893
Brown, Bessie         Removed into church May 20, 1888 by letter--  removed Nov. 1893
Brown, Walter         Received into church Mar. 26, 1891 by letter--  removed Nov. 1893
Crotser, Wm.           Dropped
Cross, W. B.           Died
Cross, Tennie A.      Trans. by certificate
Cross, Melissa A.     Married Jarold
Crotzer, J. W.           Removed by letter,
Crotzer, Jesse L.       Died
Crotzer, Wiley B.      Died
Crotzer, Alex            Died
Crotzer, Rachel         Transf. to Hickory Point
Crotzer, Allice          Transf. by letter
Crotzer, Mahala        Died July 1894
Crotzer, Mary Z.       Dismissed by C. C.
Crotzer, Sarah
Crotzer, Eliza J.
Crotzer, Irena           Dismissed Aug 1893
Crotzer, Sarah C.     Dropped Feb. 20, 1887
Collier, Wm.            Transferred
Collier, Fredonia      Transferred
Collier Amanda V.
Coke, J(innie) E.       Received Sept 1883 by confession
Coke W. E.(William)  Received Sept 1883 by profession
Coke, A. T.              Received Sept 1883 by Profession
Coke, A. N.             Received May 16, 1886—-reinstated
Crouch, Angie
Crouch, Maggie
Coke, Carrie Ann     Received Dec. 30, 1890 by profession
Delph, Ophelia J.      Married Harris
Davidson, J. W.        Transferred Mar. 20, 1887
Davidson, Jessie A.  Died
Davidson, Sarah B.
Davidson, Margret E. Married to Brown--trans. to Hickory Point
Davidson, Mary.      Dismissed
Delph, Mary B.        Dropped
Delph, Cerelda
Delph, Missourie T.  Dropped
Davidson, Margaret A. Died
Dowdy, Sarah           Married Feb 1885-Phrazier--dropped Sept 8,1895
Dolph, John H.          Sept 1883 by profession--withdrew
Dolph, Ica                 Sept 1883 by profession
Dixson, John             Rec. May 16, 1886 by reinstatement--died July 25, 1894
Dixson, Meppie        Rec. May 16, 1886 by reinstatement--married   Hoskins
Ealey, Mattie            Dropped
Frech, Jacob
Frech, Alex
Frech, Albert
Frech,, Rebecca B.  Died Dec. 28, 1885
Frech, Martha
Frech, Robert
Frech, Elizabeth
Frech, Nannie J.

Gill,  Elizabeth
Gill, Rachel M.     Rec. Jan 18, 1886 by request--transferred
Gill, Geo. A.         Rec. Jan 18, 1886 by request--transferred
Hopkins, W. A.    Transferred
Hopkins, Maria H. died
Hopkins, Robert
Humphris, P. B.     Died
Hopkins, Amanda Transferred
Hopkins, Margret A. Died
Holt, Susan          Dismissed by Church Conference

Johnson,Malissa J. Dismissed by letter Sept 3, 1895
Johnson, Andrew T. Dismissed by letter Aug. 1901
Johnson, F. B.  Dismissed by letter Sept 8, 1895
Johnson, Mary      Died
Johnson, Emily P.
Johnson, G. W.      Died July 18, 1900
Johnson, Maggie A.
Johnson, James      Rec. Sept. 1883 by profession
Johnson, C. C. (Columbus) Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--Transferred.
Jarold, Mallissa A. Trans. by letter
Johnson, Bulah  Sept 1888 by profession--died 1893

Knox, Martha      Dismissed

Laughren, Martha
Laughren, Lina Sen. Died Nov. 17, 1896
Laughren, Lina Jun. Married Dec 16, 1888 to Walker
Laughren, Ollie        Removed by certificate Jan 20, 1896
Laughren, David      Died
Laughren, David, Jun. Rec. Sept, 1883 by profession
Laughren, Edith Sue Rec. Aug 25, 1887 by profession--married Smith
Laughren, Hattio     Rec. Aug. 25, 1887 by profession

Morgan, James T.     Withdrew Sept 1893
Morgan, Sarah B.     Withdrew Sept 1893
Morgan, Zorada G.   Withdrew Sept 1893
Mockbee, Holms      Rec. July 6, 1882 —died
Mockbee, Williann     married Ransdal--transferred
Morgan, Millie  E.
Morgan, Margaret C. Married Mackey Dec 1882
Morgan, Susan          Married to Holt
Miller, J. E.                Transferred Feb 20, 1887
Miller, White              Transferred Fob 20, 1887
Morgan, C. M.          Rec. Sept 1883 by profession-—dropped
Miller, Minnie            Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--Trans Feb 20, 1887
Miller, Tennie            Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--Trans Feb 20, 1387
Morgan, Alex            Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--dropped
Morgan, John H.       Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--transferred
Miller, Stella              Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--Trans Feb. 20, 1887
Morgan, Ed C.          Rec. Sept 1888 by profession--withdrew
Majors, Jane S.

Nichols, S. B.              Rec. Jan 18, 1886 by request--transferred

Powers, Andrew J.
Powers, W. T.
Powers, Barbry          Died Sect 22, 1880
Powers, Sarah            Died
Powers, Nancy J.       Died
Powers, Nancy          Died
Powers, George W.
Powers, Mildred W.     Dropped Feb 23, 1887
Powers, Jane                Dropped Sept 3, 18~5
Powers, Wm. L.           Dropped Feb 20, 1887
Powers, I. Alex             Dropped
Parish, Nick                  Dropped
Pardew, Emlie J.           Trans. Sept. 26, 1894
Pace, Martha                Removed to Hickory Point
Patric, Bettie G.             Dropped by church conference
Powers, Ida                  Married Nov. 18, 1895 to Walker
Phillips, Dora                Married Woods--dropped 1887
Pierce, S. W.                Rec. Sept, 1883 by profession. Trans. to Antioch
Powers, Sallie               Rec. Sept 1883 by profession. Married Jan 3,1888 to Winn, Died
                                            Jan  1891
Powers, Jasper              Rec. Sept 1883 by profession
Phrasier, Sarah
Pardew, R. C.  Rec.     Mar 20, 1887 by profession
Pardew, Mattie              Rec. by 0. G. Halliburton
Pardew, Eudora            Rec. Aug 25, 1887 by removal. Dropped by order conference.
Ramey, J. A.                 Died Nov 1892
Ramey, Sarahann
Ramey, Millie               Died
Rinehart, John              Died Dec 11, 1897
Rinehart, John W.
Rinehart, Abram           Died Mar 4, 1880
Rinehart, Mary
Rinehart, Mary C.
Rinehart, Ellen             Died
Rinehart, Sarah            Dropped
Rinehart, Amieann       Transferred
Rinehart, Dora
Rinehart, Sarah T.
Rudolph, Melissa         Dismissed by certificate
Rudolph, Nancie B..     Transferred Mar 20, 1887
Rudolph, Catherine
Robinson, Delilah J.     Aug 18, 1892 by baptism
Rinehart, Hattie             Married July 20, 1887 to Pardew
Rinehart, Andrew         Rec. Sept 1883 by profession--Transferred
Rinehart, W. W. .         Rec. Sept 1883 by profession——dropped
Rinehart, J. T.               Rec. Sept 1883 by profession
Ramey, Andrew           Rec. Sept 1883 by profession
Rinehart, George          Rec. Sept 1883 by profession
Robbins, J. S.              Married Nov 1890 to Majors
Rinehart, Hettie Bollene Rec. Aug 25th 1887 by profession--died
Ramey, Lelah              Rec. Sept 1888 by profession
Rudolph, N. B.            Rec. Apr 10, 1892 by letter

Smith, George W.
Smith Alex                 Transferred Mar 20- 1887
Smith, J. W.
Smith, Paralee E.       Transferred Mar 20, 1887
Smith, Mary A.          Died Feb 7, 1882
Smith, J. P.
Smith, James             Died Mar 12, 1880
Smith, N. R.             Dropped
Smith, Bettie A.
Smith, W. W.           Rec. Sep 1883 by profession
Smith, J. Floyd         Rec. Sep 1883 by profession
Smith, C. E.             Rec. Sep 1883 by profession
Smith, Alex F.          Rec Sep 1883 by profession--trans. Mar 20, 1887
Smith, Virginia S.
Smith, Ella J.           Rec. July 21, 1885 by baptism- dismissal
Smith, Frank D.      Rec. Wept 1888 by profession
Smith, Laurah         Rec. Sep 1888 by profession
Smith, Alex             Rec. Apr 10, 1892 by letter
Smtih, p. E.             Rec. Apr 1892 by letter

Walls, Manerva
Walls, Henry           Died
Walker, William
Walker, Martha J. R.
Walker, Thomas G.
Walker, Hartridge
Woodson, George    Rec. Sep 1883 by profession--transferred
Walker, Ida Sen.        m. Johnson--died
Woods, Dora            dropped Feb 20, 1887
Wilkerson, M. C.       Died Oct 1893-Triumphant
Winn, Sallie                Died Jan 1891
Wilkerson, J, W.        Removed by certificate Nov. 1893
Walker, Lina
Walker, Ida, Junior

From the Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, December 1971 No. 2- Ann Evans Alley, Editor

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