Pleasant Bagwell Cemetery
Located in district 15 near McAdoo Church behind the new subdivision.   The Cemetery is in a wooded lot, and in very bad condition.  This cemetery has a virtual view.  Virtual Cemetery  Submitted by Thomas Murff

Pleasant Bagwell  31 Mar 1805- 2 Sept 1879
Nancy Morrow Bagwell 28 May 1809- 5 Feb 1898
Margaret (Bagwell) Roberts(wife of Richard Roberts )10 Apr 1835- 21 Mar 1856
Mary Ella Roberts (d/o) Richard and Margaret) 16 Nov. 1853- 19 Oct 1862
Mattie A. (Margaret Ann) Bagwell 22 Nov1842- 14 Mar 1902
Lizzie C. Bagwell (Elizabeth) (wife of Nicholas Bagwell) 5 Dec 1837 - 9
S.T. Fortune (Stephen) 7 Nov 1832 -21 May 1903

There are numerous unmarked graves, with two or three child graves. Our
Family believes that Little Carrie Bagwell (daughter of William and Mary Ann
(Brown) Bagwell may be buried in this Cemetery, She died during the Civil War.

Pleasant and Nancy Bagwell


Submitted by Terrie Wyatt



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