Morrow Bagwell Bible Records

Morrow Bagwell (son of Pleasant Bagwell) and Mary Ann Brown (daughter of
Albert Gallatin Brown)

Bagwell Marriages:
William Morrow Bagwell and Mary A. Brown was married Sept. 28th 1852
James Walters and Bettie Bagwell was married March 14th 1876
Pleasant Albert Bagwell and Arvie Zena Eckley was married July 29th 1878
Charles T. Chumbler and Nannie Tennie Bagwell was married Dec 1st 1886.

William Morrow Bagwell was born June 7th 1830
Mary Ann Bagwell was born Oct 3rd 1833
Pleasant Albert Bagwell was born July 29th 1855
Mary Elizabeth Bagwell was born June 8th 1857
Carrie Ellah Bagwell was born Feb. 28th 1859
Nannie Tennie Bagwell was born May 7th 1861
Willie Wood Bagwell was born Feb 24 th 1863

Carrie Ellah Bagwell Departed this life Oct 29th 1864
Willie Wood Bagwell Departed this life May 20th 1873
Mary Ann BAgwell Departed this life Feb 19th 1889
Mary Elizabeth Walters Departed this life Feb 18th 1890
William Morrow Bagwell Departed this life Feb 17th 1916
Pleasant Albert Bagwell Departed this life March 26th 1931
Arvie Zena Bagwell Departed this life April 28th 1943

There was  more information added to the bible later by children and
grandchildren of William and Mary Ann Bagwell. Also the daughter of
William and Mary Ann, Carrie Ellah Bagwell died while her father was
away during the Civil War, and is believed to be buried in the Bagwell
Cemetery, Their son Willie Wood Bagwell was born a short time after
William left for the war,and died when he was just ten years old.

Submitted by  Terrie Wyatt

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