Take Highway 13 about 5 miles to Shiloh-Canaan Road. Turn right, go 1/2 mile. Cemetery is on the right.There is a driveway but no sign.


ALLEN Billy Sept.12,1916 - Nov.2,1981

                  (footstone: BILLY ALLEN U.S. ARMY WORLD WAR II

                   SEPT.12,1916 - NOV.2,1981

               Christine M. July 13,1915 -

                      Together forever

ALLEN Burrell 1867 - 1937

              Mary 1869 - 1947

ALLEN Burrell R. 1899 - 1975 (footstone: Father)

              Lucy B. 1905 - 1992 (footstone: Mother)

ALLEN dau.of B.R. & Lucy Allen June 14,1929 - June 14,1929

ALLEN Cragon Batson Aug.7,1896 - Feb.11,1940

                 (footstone: CRAGON BATSON ALLEN TENNESSEE FIREMAN

                                  2 CL U.S.N.R.I. FEB.11,1910

                   Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

ALLEN Harold Jan.14,1907 - Jan.24,1985

ALLEN Hugh Dickson Oct.16,1872 - Aug.20,1956

              Belle Buckingham Nov.10,1872 - Aug.27,1954

                 Married Jan. 1893

ALLEN Janice E. Dec.12,1946 - Aug.13,1947 (footstone: J.E.A.)

ALLEN John D. Nov.9,1909 - Aug.27,1983

              Corinne D. July 4,1913 - (footstone: Wife)

                   Together forever

ALLEN Martha B. Feb.21,1902 - Feb.28,1988

ALLEN W.C. March 19,1838 - Jan.24,1908 (footstone: W.C.A.)

               Sarah Alice Feb.24,1846 - Sept.30,1927 (footstone: S.A.A.)

ALLEN William L. 1797 - 1881

ALLEN Camey R. son of Wm. C. & S.A. Allen (footstone: C.R.A.)

               Jan.21,1887 Died July 20,1887 Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven

ALLEN Fletcher D. son of Wm. C. & S.A. Allen (footstone: F.D.A.)

               Born July 22,1882 Died Oct.21,1883

                    Of such is the kingdom of Heaven

ALLEN William L. son of Wm. C. & S.A. Allen (footstone: W.L.A.)

               Born Dec.21,1875 Died Oct.28,1877

                    To good for earth, God called him home

BROOME James M. Born Sept.6,1836 Died Oct.26,1920 Hope

BROOME Mary Louise Allen wife of James M. Broome Hoope

                  Born Feb.13,1841 Died Aug.31,1912

                      My buried wife can I forget, Or must the grave eternal sever

                       No, you linger in my memory yet and in my heart you live forever.

FRAZIER Robert A. Sept.1,1915 -

                 Alice A Feb.17,1910 - Apr.24,1970

SNYDER Mary H.A. Jan.17,1912 - May 31,1968

TANKSLEY Irene B. Allen Sept.17,1906 - Feb.2,1975

 Graves marked by fieldstones & some unmarked graves


 Transcribed by: Kathy Reynolds Patty Davis

March 25,2000   Allen Cemetery  Montgomery County, Tennessee

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