Copied from a transcription on microfilm in the Houston Public Library, Clayton Genealogy Center, Houston, Texas, by Aubrey Doggett, February 15, 2000.

Copied from a Bible owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bailey F. Allen. Residence located on Peachers Mill Pike, 6 miles from Clarksville, Tennessee, via Highway #76. Copied by Miss Margaret Watson and Mrs. Mabel W. Rosson, October 17, 1936.



Noble Osburn was born April 20th 1788.

Elizabeth Killebrew was born March 19th, 1796.

Ages of their children

James Buckner Osburn was born December 22nd, 1821

Mary Jane Osburn was born May 1st 1824

John Bryan Osburn was born April 11th, 1826

William Whitfield Osburn was born October 31st, 1828

William Henry Osburn was born April 26th, 1834

William Noble Osburn was born November 2nd, 1846

Susan Marian Osburn was born September 12th 1848

Mary Elizabeth Osburn was born March 24th 1851

John Bryan Osburn, son of John B. Osburn and Marian Osburn, was born November 5, 1851

Julia Manson was born December 19th, 1868

Mary Allen Lee was born September 24th 1890

Henry Manson was born July 19th 1870

Mary Manson was born December 30th 1872

Noble Osborne (sic), son of John and Ella Manson, was born November 4th 1874

Nanny Allen Manson was born October 24th, 1880

Children of Henry and Pearl Manson

Margaret E. Manson born August 2nd ,1897

Helen Sybel Manson born April 29th , 1900

Henry Clay Manson born October 18th , 1901


Emanuel, son of Venus, was born April, 1829

Fanny, daughter of Venus, was born August, 1831

Martha, daughter of Venus, was born November, 1833

Clara, daughter of Venus, was born February, 1836

Elias, son of Mariah, was born June, 1834

Gracy, daughter of Venus, was born November, 1846

Jane, daughter of Venus, was born June, 1849

Mary was born February, 1852

Linse was born May, 1854

Thomas, son of Clara, was born, October, 1857

Sarah, daughter of Clara, was born January, 1860

Bell Boyd, daughter of Clara, was born September 9th, 1862


Nobel Osborne (sic) and Elizabeth Killebrew were married March 1st 1821

Bailey F. Allen and Mary J. Osburn were married December 25th 1845

James B. Osburn and Catherine F. Whitfield were married January, 1846

John B. Osburn and Marian D. Trice were married December 31st 1850

Ella Allen was married to J. L. Manson February, 1866

Henry and Pearl Manson married November 16th 1895

Nannie Allen married W. Radford January 15th 1889


William Whitfield Osburn died May 27th 1834

Mary Manson died June 28, 1904

Elizabeth H. Osburn died August 28, 1840

John Bryan died at Louisville, KY March 23, 1852

William Henry Osburn died at 10 o’clock Sunday August 12th 1855

Noble Osburn died November 7, 1875


Aunt Fanny Allen died March 25th, 1906

Submitted by Aubrey Doggett

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